You Keep Leaving Out Belize

You Keep Leaving Out Belize
The Anglosphere is a wonderful idea, and probably a necessary bit of self-defense after 9/11. We’ve got a dynamic culture (even when you include the Canadians), the world’s foremost military, the highest of high tech, and the free flow of information to make them all work together.

What we don’t have is manpower. What do we have, 400 million, tops? Manpower is the least important factor with today’s technology, but it is still a factor. So where do we get the masses?

India, people, India.

And I’m not talking about bringing back the Raj. But look — India is a mostly-functioning democracy, they’re moving steadily westward in thought and political orientation, and English is already their language of business and politics. And wouldn’t they just love to join an exclusive group where they’d carry more weight than the Brits?

Just a thought.