The Left's Hate Goggles Won't Let Them See a Dad's Love for His Son—and It's Getting Ridiculous

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This is getting ridiculous. I think Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is one of the most vile individuals in Congress, and that's even before I factor in his affair with a communist Chinese spy. But I'm pretty sure he loves that kid I've seen in photos. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) hates America and is an anti-Semite—as loathsome a politician as you can get—but the commie loves her trans kid. Joe Biden is the worst ever, but on some level, he loves his kids, even though he turned them into drug- and sex-addicted crackheads and also kicks dogs. Sorry, not sorry.


Still, the wackadoodle left hates Donald Trump so much that they're working overtime to find something, anything, to prove that he doesn't love his kids. Their counterfactual efforts are in direct proportion to their hopes he'll be found guilty of something in a New York City courtroom so he can't win re-election. 

This brings us to Barron Trump's high school graduation. 

Trump is under a gag order and required to be in court every day of the trial. Judge Juan Merchan hasn't yet ruled on whether Trump can go to Barron's high school graduation but will revisit the issue closer to May 17, depending on how well his party's political hit job is coming along. 

Trump spoke outside the courtroom about it. 

He wrote about it on TruthSocial.

Again, the judge has not yet ruled on Trump's request to attend the graduation, so Trump's declaration is a bit premature. 

Newsweek reports that these social media truffle hogs have been rooting around trying to prove that Orange Man has never gone to one of his kids' graduations. Trump has asked for court to be recessed on May 17 to go to Barron's graduation, but they think he's such a vile human that it's just a cover story for him to do a campaign event, and they can't have that!


They tried mightily to find evidence that Playboy Don ditched his family.


Newsweek reports that though they tried their hardest, the screech owls on the left failed. 

During her high school years, Ivanka Trump attended a private Connecticut boarding school. A 2016 article in the school's publication noted that Donald Trump was present at the ceremony. Ivanka Trump went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in 2004. Her father's attendance was reported on by The Philadelphia Daily News.

Trump ally Roger Stone issued a post showing the former president at his UPenn Wharton School graduation with his dad.

And recently former boxing great Mike Tyson had dinner with the Trump family. 


You can come to your own conclusions about Trump's family life, but his kids aren't on crack, they worked with him in the White House, his wife is as tough as they come, and Barron is going to college. That seems like a pretty good start. 


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