Democrat Reaction to MTG Splaying Hunter's Dirty Laptop Pictures in Public Is Beyond Ironic

There’s irony and then there’s irony. After Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) played show-and-tell with Hunter Biden’s laptop’s porn pics at a congressional hearing, his attorneys have called for an ethics investigation against her. The princeling’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, sent a letter to Greene and the ethics committee, asking them to sanction her because of — and this is a good one — “outrageous, undignified rhetoric and brazen violations of the standards of official conduct.” We told you it was ironic.


In a series of tweets, the congresswoman said that the complaint letter Biden’s attorney sent her “confirmed the proof of his violation of the MANN act by sex trafficking a victim across state lines.” She wrote, “They’re confirming the images on that very laptop are in fact of him.”

At a House Oversight Committee hearing, Greene showed a series of photos of sexual activities by Hunter, a copy of an airline ticket, and a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) in which Treasury officials were concerned that the younger Biden was engaged in human trafficking, a Mann Act violation. He later wrote off the hookers as a business expense on his taxes.

In the letter sent to House Ethics officials, Biden’s attorney claimed that Greene has conducted a vendetta against Hunter.


Representative Greene has engaged in steady, dogged verbal and defamatory attacks against Mr. Biden, and members of his family. Her online statements and public appearances are neither legislative drafting, nor oversight, nor real congressional business— they are a spray of shotgun pellets of personal vitriol that are the definition of conduct that does not reflect “creditably on the House.” Her actions are not merely the expression of political views or private “free speech” because she uses her official position to disseminate them and often expresses them in official proceedings.

Democrats pretended to be scandalized when MTG displayed the strategically censored photos during the hearing, and yes, it was shocking and unseemly for a congressional hearing. But Greene was making a point by demonstrating how shocking Hunter’s behavior was and how brazen his tax crimes were, as is the fact that Hunter has been charged only with misdemeanors for only two years of his tax crimes.

And here’s another irony: Hunter’s images are probably no worse than those in the how-to gender books Democrats think are necessary to show children in school.

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Greene went balls-out, writing, “Hunter is upset I showed his pictures at a Congressional hearing, but he was clearly happy with everyone seeing his images since he uploaded them to several foreign amateur porn sites and Porn Hub. He wanted everyone to see them!”


That SARS report also raised eyebrows at Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s office. Lowell wrote a separate letter to the Treasury Department’s inspector general to investigate how that report, one of more than 150 such reports about the Bidens, got into the hands of the man who splayed the laptop contents on the internet. They want to know how a non-public document from JPMorgan Chase got into the hands of a former Trump White House aide. It’s unclear if the inspector general is also looking into the release of non-public bank records of people who were in the Washington, D.C., area on Jan. 6.

Hunter’s attorney also said that “the time has come” to investigate Greene for “untethered” statements she’s made about the Democrat Party and the Bidens.

There are additional untethered statements by Representative Greene. During an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes in April 2023, which she posted to her Twitter account, Representative Greene stated the Democratic Party definitely “supports grooming children” and that President Biden “supports children beingsexualized…sexualizingchildreniswhatpedophilesdotochildren. [sic]”12 OnherTruthSocialaccount, on April 12, 2023, she wrote “Democrats are the party of pedophiles” above a message criticizing the “so-called Trans Bill of Rights.”13  How can there be a serious question that such comments do not reflect creditably upon the House of Representatives and its Democratic members.


You can see why they want to shut Greene up.

Finally, in her Twitter thread, Greene concluded, “as long as the Department of Injustice continues their weaponized pursuit of targeting only Joe Biden’s political opponents while protecting him and his family, the American people will never see justice delivered to the Biden Crime Family.”

To recap: Hunter’s Democrat lawyers are upset their client was caught with his pants down and demand those who outed him be investigated and punished.


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