White House Insider Says He Can Prove 'Conspiracy' Between Joe, Hunter, and Ukraine

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Timelines tell the story of how Joe Biden knew his son Hunter’s business dealings and sought to smooth the way for him — for his family’s personal enrichment. That’s what Joe Biden’s former White House transcriptionist claims based on then-Vice President Biden’s own words and the timeline from Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Mike McCormick meticulously reconstructed the timeline and reported it to the FBI as a crime.

McCormick appeared on my Adult in the Room podcast to tell me about his timeline and much more, which appears in his Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil Substack. But he blew the story wide open with an appearance on Jesse Watters’ program on Fox News Wednesday.

The timeline exposes the potentially blockbuster revelation, but the FBI doesn’t share that opinion, apparently, because even though he reported this public corruption to the FBI, McCormick has heard nothing from them. Yet.

McCormick says that as a White House stenographer, a job he left in 2018, it was his job to record and transcribe all Biden’s words and comments made on his behalf. His allegation centers on when the then-vice president sent out Jake Sullivan to comment about the trip Biden made to Ukraine in 2014. Sullivan was a key aide to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and is now President Biden’s national security adviser.

McCormick told me (see the video version of the podcast below) that “I’m standing right next to him [Sullivan] — and speaking as a senior administration official, he gives this briefing to the press. My job is to record it.” He says the briefing is still up on the Obama White House website.


Sullivan tells them that part of the aid package Biden is bringing has to do with Ukraine’s “non-traditional gas reserves. That’s fracking. He’s trying to be clever and get around saying fracking, but that was what he was talking about — and that’s Burisma.” But at that moment, only insiders knew that Hunter Biden had just signed on as a board member to Burisma.

As they’re flying in, no one on board knows that Hunter Biden was then on the board of Burisma. He was on the board of Burisma. He signed the papers on the 18th of April. The flight we’re taking into Ukraine is the 21st of April. Joe knew. Hunter knew. They had meetings right up until the very last minute to get Hunter onto this board position. There was a documented meeting with photographs with Joe and Devon Archer in the West Wing on [April] 16th. Hunter was there. That was on his schedule – his daily schedule for that day. And there was an email saying ‘hey, I want to go with you guys. I’ll meet you at the front gate and we’ll go into the West Wing.’ That’s what Hunter says in his emails. So he was there.

This is what he says he told the FBI under penalty of perjury.

If you’ve watched trials or been a researcher, you know that the first thing a good investigator does is nail down a timeline of events. With access to both his transcriptions and the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, McCormick cross-referenced and recreated this damning timeline and put meat on the bones. He believes it belies Biden’s claims about being ignorant of Hunter’s business dealings and appears to confirm that the vice president actively and overtly helped him. This is what former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski also claims in his public statements to the FBI and to Senate investigators.


Here’s McCormick’s timeline:

  • April 12, 2014: Beau, Hunter, and Joe meet at Maisey’s basketball tournament
  • April 13, 2014: Sunday morning pick-up trip to Baltimore (to go to Beau’s treatment)
  • April 16, 2014, AM: David Axelrod at VP residence
  • April 16, 2014, PM: Long limo ride with Obama in Pennsylvania
  • April 18, 2014: Hunter Biden becomes Burisma board member
  • April 21, 2014: Joe heads to Ukraine with U.S. aid for Ukraine and for “non-traditional” energy efforts

One thing that still nags McCormick is: What was so important on the 16th that Obama reached out twice in one day, ending with the face-to-face meeting in Obama’s limo?

Obama has a long limo ride with Joe that night in Western Pennsylvania. Both planes fly in. Usually they limo separately. Joe takes a selfie. What was so important that he needed to wrap that day up with a long limo ride?

There’s much more as you can see from the video of my podcast below. He tells how he knows when Joe Biden’s lying (not what you think), Biden and Obama’s icy “bromance,” and the connection Hunter had with gain of function research.

Fundamentally, however, he believes there’s a crime here.

Jake Sullivan was speaking for Joe Biden. Jake Sullivan is committing malfeasance in office. This is a conspiracy with Joe Biden. They’re going over there to enrich themselves and their family members with American energy assistance. This is corruption. You have to investigate it.

He believes timelines don’t lie.


Will the FBI ignore evidence about the Biden Crime Family too?

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