California's Councilman's Massive Mail-in Ballot Vote Scam Is Revealed

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Lodi City Councilman Shakir Khan was playing the odds that California would never check the alleged vote scam he was running out of his place in 2020. And Khan would have gotten away with the voter fraud too – if only the cops hadn’t gotten a whiff of the other stuff they say he was doing.


You can’t blame Khan, really. Everybody was ripping off the California Employment Development Department (EDD) – the state unemployment office – during Covid. That’s because, much like the mail-in voting disaster the Democrat is also accused of gaming, nobody is really checking. Oh, sure, state officials assured voters they were on top of the ocean of dollars flooding the state, but during Covid, state bean counters basically took stacks of hundies, put them in front of a big fan, and let them fly. California handed out $32.6 billion in Covid unemployment funds to people who didn’t live in the country,  or who were state prisoners, and others who quite logically thought, “what the hell, these idiots aren’t even checking!”

Enter Khan.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff says in 2020, Khan applied for and received EDD Covid money for 22 people – $191,000.00 – which he’s now accused of laundering and not paying taxes on. The government really doesn’t like when they don’t get the vig. Remember that.

The sheriff says that Khan, in addition to ripping off EDD, was running numbers at his Stockton business called the American Smokers Club, a cigarette and glass house, selling hookah setups, and things that are either crack pipes or very small glass penises. Maybe Hunter can clear that up for us.

More cynical people might wonder if the good councilman was jacked up by the cops because he’d been involved in smoking pursuits (this is California, after all), but we may never know. Either way, the cops caught a whiff of what Khan was smoking and busted him. It was during said jacking up that investigators found the Democrat’s 2020 election scam. They just revealed it now. And their excuse is that they’re just not that good at election fraud law (see the news conference below).


San Joaquin County officials have known about this election scandal since Khan was originally busted in 2020, but didn’t you hear? There was no election fraud using Covid-era universal mail-in ballots in 2020 and anyone who says so is a white nationalist, stormed the Capitol Building, and, and, and, is really mean, too! 

Except the Sheriffs Department says that Khan did the very predictable things that happen when mail-in voting supplants the secret ballot. Khan intimidated people into voting for him, pressured out-of-district people to register to vote because he “needed their vote,” and then reregistered them to his address. He filled out ballots for people and ordered them to sign the identifying envelopes.

Then, after the Sheriff’s Department began their investigation, Khan went on TikTok and, speaking in his native Pakistani Urdu, told the people whose votes he had essentially stolen to lie to the cops.

You’ll be heartened to know that Khan’s brother voted for him while he was running for office. His brother lives in Pakistan.

Yahoo News reports that when they searched Khan’s home, they found a stash of blank ballots.

He is accused of stashing 41 ballots at his home. Investigators also say he registered 23 people to vote at his home and that his email and phone number were used to register 47 others. Body camera footage showed voters telling detectives how Khan allegedly pressured them to vote for him and how he allegedly falsified voter registration documents.


Do you really blame the guy for doing the same thing to the election system that he’d done to the EDD? Both state agencies flooded the zone with money and ballots and the numbers guy played the odds. He just got caught this time. How many don’t?

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Anyway, it turns out that Jesus Christ Himself voted in the election. And dead people. Lots of dead people voted. And it turns out that lots of “people” voted at Khan’s house. Just like lots of people filed for free Covid money from his home as well.

Deputies also reported other anomalies in the voting system that they happened to observe during their investigation of the Democrat councilman that had escaped the local election office’s notice.

Here are some interesting people on the voting rolls:

  • 93 people born in 1850
  • 232 prisoners who aren’t allowed to vote
  • 4,144 voters over 90
  • Jesus Christ also voted, so maybe there’s hope for California yet.

Khan has been wearing an ankle bracelet for a while now. He’s also been scrubbed from the city’s webpage. And he’s in jail. It seems that California found the one guy in the state who doesn’t qualify for bail for a change.


The other takeaway from this story is that the reason cops knew how to look for voter fraud is that citizens armed with questions and evidence kept showing up to county supervisors’ meetings and bugging them.


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