Attorney: Trump Watched the Mar-a-Lago Raid as It Happened

February 21, 2017 Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Trump standing on the lawn in front of Mar-A-Lago 1100 South Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach, Florida in 1995 before the opining of the club. Credit Image (Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

Donald Trump’s attorney says the former president watched the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago home from his location in New York City on Monday and had a “better idea of what took place” than she did.


Attorney Christina Bobb was outside the Palm Beach resort at the time of the FBI raid, attempting to get a copy of the warrant against the former president and answer questions.

She told Dr. Gina Loudon on Real America’s Voice that Trump probably had a better view of what was happening inside than she did, because he had access to the CCTV cameras.

“It’s kind of funny. I think the folks in New York, President Trump and his family, probably had a better view than I did because they had the CCTV, they were able to watch,” Bobb said. “I was, you know, I was stuck in the parking lot there to, you know, collect paper and answer questions,” she said. She added that the Trump family was “actually able to see the whole thing. So they actually have a better idea of what took place inside.”

Bobb was asked about reports that the FBI demanded the CCTV cameras be turned off during the raid, in which boxes of records and photographs and thousands of documents were taken from the former president’s Florida residence.

“They did,” Bobb said. “[Initially, the FBI] said ‘you have to turn off all the cameras’ and, of course, the staff complied.” She said the staff reported that to Trump’s attorneys, “and attorneys jumped in and said, ‘no, actually, you do not have to turn them off.’ So shortly thereafter they turned them back on.”


If true, the revelation raises questions about Trump’s claim that the FBI planted things in his Mar-a-Lago home. Does he have video proof? How good were the angles of those cameras?

The claim is also reminiscent of Trump’s claim of recording the meeting with disgraced and fired FBI Director James Comey, who claimed that the president demanded “loyalty” from him. Trump responded by saying that Comey had “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” He later admitted he’d made no tapes of the conversation, but who can blame him for wanting a record? Comey claimed Trump was not a target of any DOJ matters in private conversations but refused to say so in public. Comey briefed Trump about the notorious fake “pee tape” and then leaked the briefing to CNN. The outlet wouldn’t have run the fake “Russian dossier” story without a news hook; Comey’s briefing provided that hook. Comey also intentionally leaked another Trump story — his notes of meetings with the sitting president of the United States, which were not his to share — with the news media. He wasn’t raided.

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The warrant and additional documents — sans affidavits explaining what the FBI was looking for and why — allowed the agents to search the entire Mar-a-Lago resort.

Property to be searched
The premises to be searched, 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480, is further described as a resort, club, and residence located near the intersection of Southern Blvd and S Ocean Blvd. It is described as a mansion with approximately 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, on a 17-acre estate. The locations to be searched include the “45 Office,” all storage rooms, and all other rooms or areas within the premises used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff and in which boxes or documents could be stored, including all structures or buildings on the estate. It does not include areas currently (i.e. , at the time of the search) being occupied, rented, or used by third parties (such as Mar-a-Largo Members) and not otherwise used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff, such as private guest suites.

NewsNation reports that “investigators discovered classified documents in two areas: Trump’s personal office above a ballroom and in a storage room near the pool. Sources say there were ‘boxes everywhere.'”

Trump says all the documents in his possession were unclassified, which I explain in an upcoming story.



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