Biden 'I Did That!' Stickers Now Ubiquitous at Gas Stations Across the Country

Victoria Taft

The other day there were so many Joe Biden “I Did That!” stickers on the gas pump that there was almost no room for mine.

I made it work.


To think: Stickers I slipped into my Christmas cards last year are now ubiquitous at gas stations all over the land. I’m getting requests for refills.

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It feels slightly dangerous to sneak Sticky Joe on the pump. I like his finger by the price. The other day I filled my tank and paid $108.00. Thanks, Joe. Let me stick your finger … there.

The president is lucky he doesn’t have bigger problems than people placing kids’ stickers on gas pumps. All we want is gas to run our vehicles so we can live our lives; we’re not the ones who wanted to put oil producers “in jail” like Joe did.

We just want to get back to work — back to normal — after COVID lockdowns and mandates, but even before Russia invaded Ukraine gas prices were “necessarily skyrocketing” as Joe’s former boss, Barack Obama, once vowed to do to all energy prices before he took office. Those prices were pain enough. They’re worse now. Higher prices were part of their plan. Now people glad for the end to COVID craziness can’t afford to go anywhere because of the higher gas prices.

It’s the Green New Deal lockdown.


Joe completely bought into the climate change cult. He vowed during his campaign that “we are going to get rid of fossil fuels.” His first act as president was to get rid of a pipeline that would bring Canadian crude to the U.S. for refining and export to the world oil market to make gas more affordable for everyone. It didn’t even involve an Iranian mullah or Venezuelan dictator.

We just wanted to go back to work, but Joe had other plans.

The president nominated a Federal Reserve regulator, Sarah Raskin, who believes banks should be forbidden to loan money to fossil fuel companies as part of the overhaul of all companies to comply with the Left’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plans. This is the Chinese social credit score as applied to companies. By her lights, companies that don’t toe the party line don’t get to borrow money.

If that seems familiar, it’s because that’s what the Davos Dictator Justin Trudeau did when he declared martial law and commanded the powers of the purse and police, such that he cut off money legally sent to the Canadian truckers — his political opponents. So yeah, it’s just like that.

It’s like they don’t want us to have gas in our cars and heating oil or something.

With the prices going up and then accelerating after Russia invaded Ukraine, the problem has become more fraught. That 108 bucks it takes me to fill up my tank is what–the take-home pay for somebody for a day? How much gas does the landscape company owner need for his equipment? Can the gig service economy survive while paying  $7.00/gallon?


As a way of fighting back, we’ve got Sticky Joe. Annoyed or enraged people have glommed onto Sticky Joe. I worry people will be arrested for sticking them on gas pumps overseen by government weights and measures apparatchiks. After the Left started arresting parents at school board meetings, it seemed a natural next step. Every act of right-leaning rebellion, no matter how minor, now holds the possibility of a long stretch at the J-6 Gulag in D.C.

When I got my first shipment of the stickers from a major retailer that shall not be named, I was slightly disappointed that they were paper and not a non-stick plastic. The paper ones are harder to remove, so I place them in such a way as to make sure they’re easier to take off. I want to make a point, not an enemy.The poor minimart guy has enough problems making sure we’re not out smoking while pumping or licking the handles. Now he has to scrape off paper images of Joe Biden when he should be putting more windshield washing soap in the dispensers.

And, of course, grumbling over the stickers has begun.

An enterprising reporter was on the case in Huntsville, Alabama where an assistant manager of an Exxon station says he has to remove five or six of the Joe Biden “I Did That” stickers from his pumps every day. He’s gotten complaints from people who don’t like open mockery of the president.


It’s obvious that Perry Cagle has given this some thought. “Joe Biden doesn’t own this station,” the assistant manager muses. “And he isn’t going to come by and fill up his tank and see that sticker and think ‘oh, man I should have lowered gas prices today.'”

Well, he should.

People have been posting the sticker on gas pumps since about the time I got my first batch before Christmas. One video shows a man putting a Sticky Joe squarely on a pump. He tells the camera, “It doesn’t really change things, but man it makes me feel good. Let’s Go Brandon.”

The sticker isn’t so much a “gotcha!” as it is an acknowledgement that we’re being played.

Have you noticed that Joe increased the U.S. oil imports from Russia while turning down the tap for the U.S.?  Why did he do that? And now that Russia is swimming in petrodollars, it started a war.

Now Joe says we’re now cutting off the Russia oil–the same oil he just increased.


To make up for that lost supply, Sticky Joe had begun begging a Venezuelan dictator and Iranian mullahs who have sworn Death to America.

And Kamala Harris is touting electric school buses as a pivot point.

We see what they’re doing. And we don’t like it. Not one sticky bit.

Joe did that.


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