If Biden's So Tough, Why Did He Bend Over for Putin?

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When Joe Biden arrived at the Oval Office, the man who conspired with fellow Obama Administration officials and Hillary Clinton campaign apparatchiks to spread the “Trump’s a Putin-puppet,” “Russia collusion” fake news, immediately turned to the Puppet Master for more gas for the car. Putin, the former KGB man who runs the “gas station masquerading as a country,” was only too happy to oblige.


And then he started a war.

At the same time that he was turning to Putin for more energy throughout 2021, Biden began shutting off major U.S. energy supplies.

Whose side is Biden on, anyway? Prices for gas, heating oil, and all the products dependent on energy – which is everything – exploded. It was always part of the plan to force American energy rates to “skyrocket.

Now come the results of what happens when America and its allies become dependent on a former KGB boss and full-time despot for some of its oil supply: the world’s first Green New Deal War, as The Washington Times’ Charlie Hurt put it. “We can place 100% of it on Joe Biden and [climate czar] John Kerry,” he said.

When Biden begged for more of Putin’s oil, he ended former President Trump’s “America First” energy independence — the first time the U.S. had been energy independent in 70 years.

And then Biden increased the nation’s share of Russian oil by between 28% and 100%, depending on whom you believe.

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The fake fact-checkers at Politi”fact” expanded the context in which the Fox Business reporter Maria Bartiromo asserted that 2021 Biden “more than doubled” the amount of energy the U.S. received from Russia. The fake fact-checkers claimed that the veteran business reporter “overstated” the amount by which the U.S. increased its Russian supply, though admitted that Bartiromo’s own numbers showed a doubling. And then they labeled her claim “mostly false.”


Politi”fact” said: “When we asked the Fox Business Network about Bartiromo’s remarks, a spokesperson pointed to the growth in crude oil imports alone.”

“The U.S. more than doubled its crude oil imports from Russia, to about 208,000 barrels a day in the first 11 months of 2021, from 76,000 barrels a day in 2020.”

There’s more on this ridiculousness, but that’s not the point of this piece. The point is, as a result of Biden’s policies, the U.S. and its allies, whom Trump had convinced to take more of our domestic supply, were held in check by Putin’s oil. America’s gas prices hovered at $5.00 per gallon on the woke West Coast, Messed Coast™ before Russia’s war with Ukraine. I topped off my tank with the “cheap” gas at $4.25/gallon the other day. Ouch.

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Indeed, even the fake fact-checkers make the case that Biden increased supplies by 28%.

Either way, Putin’s increased market share and higher oil prices gave him plenty of money for his assault on Ukraine. Military historian and PJ Media columnist Victor Davis Hanson looked at the record and noted that every time Putin took over a former part of the Soviet Union, like Georgia, Crimea, and now Ukraine, it was after oil prices spiked and Putin was flush with cash.


That’s on Joe Biden and his Green New Deal totalitarians.

Biden’s latest in his 40 years of dumb moves and Putin’s deadly belligerence have sent body counts and poverty soaring. He can fix it if he pulls a Germany and does an energy “U-turn” in this country. That would require him to put America first, however. And he and his Democrat Leftist base would rather have war than do that.



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