Violent Antifa Terrorists Are Finally Prosecuted for Attacking Conservatives

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Antifa’s fortunes have faded.

After beating up reporters covering their riots, attacking police officers who try to stop them from rioting throughout the United States, assassinating a Trump supporter, looting, and firebombing, Antifa thugs are finally being charged for their hate crimes by one city. One.


And it’s about damn time.

San Diego prosecutors have brought charges against ten Antifa thugs who attacked a group of people holding a pro-Donald Trump rally in Pacific Beach on January 9, 2021.

The group of violent Antifa members is charged with conspiracy to riot, using tear gas, committing felony assault, and cruelty to animals.

They’re accused of using a stun gun on one of the Trump supporters.

Black-bloc outfitted Antifa shock troops knocked down, beat, kicked, and chem-sprayed a woman. They beat people with wooden walking sticks and blocked people from getting away from the attacks. One Antifa man attacked a person with a skateboardsound familiar? They chased older men whose faces were festooned with red, white, and blue paint. Somewhere along the line, one of their sick number maimed, tortured, and killed an animal, according to prosecutors.

Naturally, the Antifa goons called Trump supporters the “fascists.”


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The ten Antifa men were arraigned on Monday and were identified by Fox News as “Luis Francisco Mora, 30; Joseph Austin Gaskins, 21; Faraz Martin Talab, 27; Bryan Rivera, 21; Brian Lightfoot, 25; and Jesse Merel Cannon, 31; Jeremy Jonathan White, 39. An arrest warrant is also out for 37-year-old Erich Louis Yach.” The violent Antifa members came from both San Diego and Los Angeles, according to prosecutors.

At least two of the defendants were also arrested for the Wi Spa riot last July, which erupted after an outraged mother called out a man walking around nude in a Los Angeles spa.

The Antifa defendants were rolled up on Thursday in simultaneous sweeps by law enforcement throughout Southern California.

For the past several years, Antifa, BLM, and other Leftists have tried to portray the groups as being cell-like, decentralized, with no coordination. Prosecutors have gamely followed along as if there was no point in trying to identify them — after all, they’re all wearing masks, right?

The San Diego County indictment puts the lie to that notion, saying the group members conspired together to commit acts of “direct action” against the Trump supporters at least a week before the planned pro-Trump event.


The Defendants are alleged to be affiliated with ANTIFA and are organized into two groups, one originating from Los Angeles and the other from San Diego. ANTIFA is known to use force, fear, and violence to further their own interests and to suppress the interests of others. This tactic is referred to as “Direct Action” and is known to mean acts of violence such as assault, battery, assault with deadly weapons, arson, and vandalism. The alleged object of this conspiracy was to incite and participate in a riot using direct action tactics.

It’s unusual to hear a district attorney speak in such plain terms in post-woke America. Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Kenosha DAs fall all over themselves to make excuses for not prosecuting violent rioters.

San Diego’s district attorney is a refreshing change.

San Diegans dodged a bullet when Summer Stephans was named interim DA after her predecessor left to pursue another political office in 2018. Her opponent in the following election was a George Soros bought-and-paid-for, soft-on-crime, open-up-the-jails “reformer.”

Soros lackeys currently hold the top DA jobs in California. Chesa Boudin, raised by Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn while his own parents did prison time on terrorism charges, has turned San Francisco into a lawless outback. George Gascon, who started San Francisco on its descent into anarchy, moved to Los Angeles and successfully won the DA election there.


Both are the targets of recall.

If San Diego hadn’t voted for Stephans, it would be overtaken by anarchy like Portland and San Francisco.

It’s about time that someone had the guts to prosecute violence, even when it’s committed by the Left’s pet protesters and shock troops.


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