Left Behind: Billions in U.S. Equipment for the Afghanistan Taliban to Use Against... Us

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Months ago, U.S. forces began either removing, breaking down, or selling for scrap the military hardware they would leave behind on Joe Biden’s hand-chosen date to leave Afghanistan: September 11, 2021. But with Biden’s clueless and hackneyed Bay-of-Pigs-like disaster in Afghanistan, the U.S. is instead leaving to the Taliban billions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment. These are real weapons of war, not the ones BLM and antifa call police rifles and service pistols.


This will take some self-control, but try to put aside for a minute your disgust at the moronic, clueless, and deeply symbolic  – for terrorists anyway –  date of  9/11 for the pull-out and consider this question: “Why was so much equipment left behind?!”

There’s no way to tally the human cost from Joe Biden’s debacle so we won’t try here. How many people dropped from that cargo plane to their deaths? How many women and children will be taken as Taliban “brides”? How many interpreters committed suicide after being left behind because they knew the Taliban were coming to behead them? The questions are answerless.

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But consider the literal cost of the stuff Joe Biden’s left behind.

Military.com reports that the material cost to train the Army now redounds to the Taliban.

Of the approximately $145 billion the U.S. government spent trying to rebuild Afghanistan, about $83 billion went to developing and sustaining its army and police forces, according to the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, a congressionally created watchdog that has tracked the war since 2008. The $145 billion is in addition to $837 billion the United States spent fighting the war, which began with an invasion in October 2001.


And the material left behind and ready to use is more billions of dollars.

Instead of defeating the Taliban, we armed them.

How much is an F-15 worth, anyway? As much as $87 million USD. How about a Black Hawk helicopter? About $6 million USD.

Do you think that the man who now runs the Taliban – one of the five men Barack Obama released from Gitmo to Qatar and traded for reputed traitor Bowe Berghdal – would like to get his hands on all those Kalashnikov rifles left behind at the airport?

Or would that Gitmo 5 member, Taliban poohbah Khairullah Khairkhwa, like to have command of the air support of “almost 40 spare Black Hawk helicopters to Afghanistan to provide the military with a supply chain to replace broken parts, as well as additional Super Tucano aircraft” sent last month?

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Those Super Tucano crafts used in Afghanistan cost $174.5 million USD, according to Flight Global.

How about these cool vehicles? They’ll probably be used for floats in the Taliban’s big September 11 victory parade.


What do you suppose all those run, a few mil?

How about the Stryker vehicles left behind in haste? Baseline models cost $4.9 million USD each.

Javelin missiles. Each one costs $80, 000 and will be pointed at us or our proxies. I hope they didn’t get any of the $125,000 launchers to go with the missiles.

How about an F-15 simulator? I can’t imagine what terrorists would do with a flight simulator.

Let me see … thinking … thinking …

And who will be on the other end of Khairkhwa’s call using abandoned U.S. Sat phones, computers, radios, and other communications apparatus to ask for help in operating those craft? Russia. China. General Mike Flynn, who warned about the inevitable collapse of the Afghan army years ago, says in order for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the new “Silk Road” of 5-G spyware, to thrive, it must go through – aw, you guessed – Afghanistan.

China is laughing and ascendant.


And Joe Biden just pissed away America’s reputation of legitimate superpower leadership, military savvy, and American greatness for a disaster of his own making. A generation of military combat vets is embarrassed by their commander in chief selling out their sacrifice. What a disgrace to their honor and service.

The U.S. military was ordered to sneak out of Bagram Air Base at night and abandon their equipment. Now, we can’t even use those runways to save people and are forced to use the short runways in Kabul. Who’s idea was that? Why is he or she not fired yet?

Everywhere you turn it looks to be an unmitigated disaster.

FUBAR doesn’t even begin to cover it.


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