[Watch] Antifa and BLM Jackals Spectacularly Fail to Scare Pro-Cop Americans at Portland Courthouse

Antifa/BLM man threatens, yells at peaceful pro-police demonstrators in Portland, OR. Image from Twitter video.

A small group of pro-police protesters were confronted by a couple of jackals from antifa and Black Lives Matter as they arrayed themselves in front of the shrapnel-pocked federal courthouse in downtown Portland on Sunday afternoon. The attempt at intimidation didn’t work, but it did reveal the two rioters to be absolutely bonkers.


The federal courthouse has been the scene of nearly 70 nights of bombings, rioting, and beatings by antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators. But now, antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters want to own the courthouse during the daytime, too.

A couple of ranting lunatics confronted some people—who were holding American flags, pro-cop signs and a large Trump-Pence flag—pledging to “stay being out here every fu*king night!” and ordering them to get out.

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This nut, apparently stationed at the parks across the street from the courthouse, came over to inform the pro-police and pro-Trump protesters standing on a public sidewalk that they’d better move somewhere else or “I’ll knock you motherfu*kers out.”

There was little engagement by the pro-cop protesters because, frankly, how do you reason with these kooks?

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This person, attempting to affect an intimidating caged-lion-like pace, apparently doesn’t have a day job that requires him to use his voice, because he used it all yelling at peaceful people.

In front of the line of unimpressed pro-cop protesters, the pint-sized maniac yelled:

I don’t see you guys out here at night, motherfu*ker! Where are you at at night, bitch? I should snatch your fu*king phone, motherfu*ker! Snatch your sh*t!

It appears he does snatch her phone. Later, he squares up on a woman and yells in her face while the black screamer tries to knock her sign out of her hand.

Fu*k you, bitch! Fu*k you bitch! Get the fu*k outta here! Fu*k you, fu*k you! God ain’t real! Just like blue lives ain’t real!

This is at the least harassment and at the worst assault. No cops were around to stop it, of course. This is Portland. The only ones who seem to be arrested are people defending themselves from these thugs.

Eventually, the pint-sized protester got a megaphone to help with his ailing voice.


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It seems that with every day that goes by, the antifa and BLM rioters are revealing more about themselves and their real cause. Portland riots have long ceased to be about police-killing victim George Floyd. This is about the election in November and about the fundamental difference in political philosophy between the Marxists and others.

The outburst about “God is not real!” from the one screamer explains quite a bit about the underpinnings of what one of my friends dubbed “Commie-Con.”

Over the weekend, the rioters tossed Bibles into a bonfire. As my PJ Media colleague Tyler O’Neill explains, the anti-Christian bent of the rioters fits in with their current communistic mindset but conflicts with the roots of the legacy civil rights movement in this country.

Burning the Bible fits this destructive narrative, and it also provides yet another powerful contrast with the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Rather than burning Bibles, Martin Luther King Jr. quoted them, in order to galvanize peaceful protesters and shame the segregationists who opposed them. Rather than attempting to burn down federal courthouses, King appealed the consciences of Americans — using the very Bible that Portland rioters burned.

The Bibles that Portland rioters burned also inspired the abolitionist movement of the 1800s, a movement that culminated in the abolition of slavery.


Make no mistake, those pro-cop protesters were in danger from these screaming nutjobs, but there’s a far deeper problem in the hearts of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters than anger over real or imagined social injustice. When they finally toss these clowns in jail, Americans should be on their knees praying for their souls.

Portland Courthouse Bomber Busted After Trump-Loving Grandma Accidentally ‘Outs’ Him


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