Here's the Video People in Washington Are Showing Mask Shamers

Gov. Jay Inslee on exceptions to mask mandates. Screenshot from social media video.

Washington State: A young southern belle is just leaving the checkout stand at a grocery store. As she makes for the door she’s approached by an elderly woman wearing a mask, who compliments her on her dress and how pretty she is. The younger woman begins to say thank you when the elderly woman interrupts, yelling, “It’s going to look really beautiful when your face is covered by a ventilator because you’re dying from coronavirus!!”


As you may have guessed, the younger woman is not wearing a mask. Neither is her young child.

Yes, that actually happened.

Liberty-loving Americans are growing weary and leery of mask mandates because the so-called “science” on the issue has been an ever-moving target. First, we were told not to wear masks because they weren’t helpful. Then health officials said we couldn’t wear them because medical first-responders needed them. Now they’re mandated in many states even though the typical cloth masks available to people aren’t sophisticated enough to keep out the virus.

However, there are plenty of mask-shamers out there as my PJMedia colleague Rick Moran wrote about in a story entitled, “Have We Hit Peak Mask-Shaming?”

Sadly, mask shaming is about to get worse.

With Walmart, CVS, Kohl’s, and other large retailers requiring masks now, there will be plenty of emboldened mask scolds to give the maskless “the business.”

Exceptions to Mask Rules

But in the state of Washington, radio talk host Todd Herman has encouraged his listeners to remind the mask scolds and retailers that there are exceptions to wearing masks.

He’s provided a handy sound bite of Washington Governor Jay Inslee saying that people with medical conditions are not required to wear a mask.


If you have a medical condition that makes wearing a mask difficult for you, you do not have to tell that business what that medical condition is. You simply tell the business owner that I have a medical condition that exempts me and that will be honored by the business.

California also has the same exemptions for mask-wearing.

Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a face covering without assistance.

This is the same for Oregon.

Wear a mask, face shield, or face covering when at a business unless the individual:
 Is under 12 years of age.
 Has a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe when wearing a mask, face shield, or face covering.
 Has a disability that prevents the individual from wearing a mask, face shield, or face covering.

At least one of Herman’s listeners played the video for a business owner and was exempted from wearing a mask.


We predict a wave of medical conditions across the land.



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