AOC Squad Member Calls for Freeing Prisoners and ICE Detainees for Our Health, Of Course!


No, we do not stutter.

After she called anyone racist who dared speak the country of origin of the coronavirus, COVID-19, otherwise known as CHINA, Massachusetts Democrat Ayanna Pressley then proceeded to question experts about freeing prisoners to stop the spread of the disease.


As a card-carrying member of The Squad — made up of radical Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib — Pressley has as one of her pet issues the emptying of prisons.

It also looks like she wants to free all Immigration and Customs Enforcement lock-ups too:

Even though there are no reports of coronavirus in the prison systems, though there may be one at some point, Pressley asked this of the CDC’s Dr. Robert Redfield and Dr. Anthony Fauci this week on Capitol Hill. Her question started, naturally, with a slam against President Trump:

“And just because the Administration has an express commitment to criminal justice reform, you know, this president has less commutations than the previous president. However, with overcrowding, the federal corrections system is a breeding ground for deadly outbreak. Dr. Fauci, has the president or any member of the task force raised clemency power to as a method of preventing a potentially devastating outbreak?”


A smiling Fauci responded, “To my knowledge, no. They may have done it not in my presence, but to my knowledge they have not.”


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