Here's Why President Trump Saw Himself in This Stunning Video of Another FBI Victim, Richard Jewell

(Image via CSPAN screenshot)

The recent Department of Justice Inspector General’s (IG) report shows in granular detail the depths to which the FBI brass sunk to illegally spy on President Trump’s campaign and early presidency.


One FBI attorney even flipped the facts of a report to say the opposite of the truth in order to spy on the Trump campaign. There were 17 errors, omissions and outright lies, like there was not one “mistatement” made by the FBI that was in Trump’s favor.

Trump has always said the investigation into his campaign and the subsequent Mueller report was a witch hunt. He called the FBI brass who lied to get him “scum.” He called the complicit media “the enemy of the people.” And after the IG Report, you know why.

When a woman on Twitter showed this testimony by Richard Jewell, you can see why it hit a nerve. Jewell was falsely accused by the FBI and an incurious media of committing the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. The FBI subsequently white-washed its own investigation into its own wrongdoing, so you know why she thought it sounded familiar.


She wrote, “This is Richard Jewell. Listen to him. President Trump could read the same statement.” And you know why President Trump took notice:

Richard Jewell’s notorious case has been a cause celebre since. Clint Eastwood’s movie about Richard Jewell just opened in theaters over the weekend. It debuted in fourth place, but maybe when more Americans figure out what it’s about that will turn around.


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