Black Woman Takes Antifa Rioters to Task for Calling Her a 'F***ing N****r B**ch'

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As antifa rioters took to the streets of Portland on Sunday night, two black women confronted them for “tearing up” the city and leaving a mess. One of the women claimed that antifa rioters called her a “f***ing n****r b**ch.” The other pushed the antifa rioters for a commitment that they would clean up their trash when they were done rioting.


One woman tried to drive on the streets of Portland, but the rioters blocked her. At one point, they falsely accused her of hitting them with her car. To demonstrate the fact that she wasn’t hitting them, the woman actually got out of her car.

“Move, get out of the way,” the black woman told the rioters. “Because you killed my brother, move, get out of the way.”

“You settin’ fires in the street, no that’s violence,” the woman insisted. “That’s violence. Get out of my way.” She complained that the rioters are “tearing up” her home and suggested they “go tear up” other neighborhoods. “Get your a** away from here. Move!”

“Now they see how ignorant this looks,” the black woman continued. “You don’t let somebody call me a f***ing n****r b**ch.”

“Yeah, ‘f***ing n****r b**ch.’ That’s what you called me,” she charged. The rioters insisted none of them had used such language.

Powerfully, she added, “We don’t want no race war out here.”

One of the white male rioters replied, “Stop hitting me with your car.” Another insisted, “Stop pushing us with your car.”

At that point, the woman got out of her car to demonstrate that she wasn’t attacking them — they were attacking her. Eventually, the rioters — perhaps ashamed of their own actions — made a hole and let the black woman drove through.


Later in the evening, another black woman got out of her car to confront the rioters. “I want to make sure y’all clean up when y’all done,” she declared. The rioters insisted that she do “her part” in their demonstrations, but she responded, “f*** my part.”

“I understand everybody got a purpose but when y’all done,” clean up your mess, she insisted.

The rioters ushered her back into her car and urged her to leave. “Sister, get in your car and go,” they said.

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These brave women deserve admiration for standing up to the violent and destructive antifa rioters who have ravaged the city of Portland for more than 100 nights. The rioters have closed off traffic, burned mattresses in the streets, tried to burn down buildings with officers inside, harassed innocent bystanders who have been kept up all night by the violence, and hurled rocks, balloons filled with feces, and explosives at police.


While left-leaning journalists and politicians have repeatedly insisted that the riots are “peaceful,” the riots have destroyed black lives, black livelihoods, and black monuments. At least 26 Americans have died in the riots, most of them black.

As for a “race war,” Michael Forest Reinoehl, the man who provided “security” at the riots and who was suspected of shooting Aaron “Jay” Danielson, said he saw a “civil war right around the corner.” He died in a shoot-out after fleeing from federal officers.

Reinoehl warned that many rioters are “too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for,” and insisted that antifa’s efforts will result in “a fight like no other! It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties.”

Such a war would ostensibly focus on bringing justice for black people in the name of Black Lives Matter. Yet many black people are not interested in such a war. Many black leaders have denounced the Black Lives Matter movement, noting that the activists do not focus on the black people who die every year from black-on-black crime. Last week, a coalition of more than 100 black pastors, bishops, and other clergy united to condemn the official Marxist Black Lives Matter organization.

Antifa agitators may be trying to start a race war, but many black people are not interested in fighting for their Marxist cause. Like these brave black women, many black Americans are furious at the wanton lawlessness and destruction of the riots. More and more of them are standing up to make their voices heard.


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Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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