Antifa 'SECURITY' Thug Who Kicked a Bystander in the Head Turns Himself in After Manhunt

Portland Police photo of Marquise Love, a suspect in an assault and riot case.

Marquise Love, the suspect in a violent assault against a truck driver on Sunday evening, turned himself in to Portland police on Friday after a manhunt. Wearing body armor with “SECURITY” written on it, Love acted like private security for antifa rioters. According to videos, he harassed, detained, and then beat Adam Haner, a white truck driver who said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement but was targeted for his skin color. Contrary to social media rumors, Haner survived the attack and has been discharged from the hospital.


Love turned himself in after a dayslong manhunt. Authorities have charged him with assault, riot, and coercion.

“I am pleased the suspect in this case turned himself in and appreciate all of the efforts to facilitate this safe resolution,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement. “Thank you to all of the members of the public who have provided information and tips to our investigators. Your assistance is very much appreciated.”

What did Marquise Love do?

On Sunday night, antifa rioters attacked Haner and his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, in front of a 7-Eleven after Haner had intervened to help a transgender bystander the antifa rioters had harassed earlier.

Videos show that as the mob converges on the white pick-up truck, one person shouts, “He didn’t do nothing, bro!” Then the mob punches Martin. She struggles to escape, but another rioter leaps after her, tackling her to the ground.

As Haner tries to drive away, rioters kick the truck and run after it.

After Haner drove away, he crashed into a pole. Videos show the antifa mob harassing him. The mob appears to detain him, blocking him from getting back into the truck and searching for the keys.


“Hey bro, you’re not leavin, bro. You ain’t goin nowhere,” members of the mob shout as they surround him. One man kicks him in the face. “Put your a** down. Put your a** down, n***r,” the mob jeers.

“Stay the f*** down, n****r,” rioters jeer. They tell him to stay down “until the cops come.” The driver, bloodied and sitting on the pavement, asks the mob if he can answer his phone.

Another video shows the antifa “SECURITY” thug — now identified as Marquise Love — kicking Haner in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. Others jeer, “Knock that f***in racist! F***in loser. F***ing try and run people over?!”

After Haner lies, bleeding and unconscious, on the pavement for some time, the crowd tries to get him out of the street.

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When police finally do arrive, the mob yells at them, accusing them of protecting “white supremacists.”

An earlier video shows rioters standing over Haner’s body, jeering as he remains nonresponsive. “Black lives matter, n****r!” they jeer as the man lies on the pavement.


Haner’s side of the story

Haner told KATU he was trying to get a drink at 7-Eleven, that he supported Black Lives Matter, and that he thinks he was attacked because he’s white.

“I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there, and I was white, evidently,” he said. As for Black Lives Matter, he said, “I was for that. I’ve had the cops beat me up before. I was for their cause.”

Haner, a former firefigher, said his natural instincts kicked in when he saw a transgender bystander who got robbed and beaten. “I just seen something going on there, and I tried to get in the middle of it — and it just directed the fire towards me,” he added. “Their whole chaos came right at me.”

He said the mob set on him and accused him and Martin of being white supremacists for no reason.

Haner described getting mobbed after the crash. “Before I even got my door open, somebody was yanking me out and I hit the ground,” he said. “I remember vaguely being on the ground and trying to call [my girlfriend]. Then I don’t remember anything. And then two days later I wake up” covered in tubes in the ICU.


Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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