'Scandal' Star Scott Foley Laments 'This. Is. Our. President.' Liberal Twitter Pounces

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Liberals are attacking their own in the name of President Donald Trump. Late Thursday night, Scandal actor Scott Foley had the gumption to admit that “This. Is. our. President. We chose him. Yes, we.” This short message followed a long string of tweets mocking Trump, and in context was very much a lament. Naturally, however, rabid anti-Trump Twitter users took it as a praise for the man who is “#NotMyPresident.”


The hate came streaming in. “Shut the f*ck up Jake Ballard,” one user tweeted, referring to Foley by the name of his Scandal character. “You ugly a** cracker. No wonder Olivia wants nothing to do with ur stupid a**.” For those unfamiliar with the show, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is the show’s main character, and she had a relationship with Ballard, but decided to leave him.

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“Thank God Fitz was always my n*gga. F*ck Jake,” another user tweeted. By “Fitz,” this person meant President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), another man with whom Pope has had a long affair. Yes, the show is basically a soap opera.

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Another user attacked Foley, saying, “Imagine being this privileged to open this app and type this.”

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Perhaps the reason some might consider Foley “privileged” in this context emerges in the next lovely tweet. This Twitter user asked, “when [sic] will white people shut the f*ck up? you all got a lot to say since none of this affects you personally gtfo.”

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Foley had to take the bait. The Scandal actor responded, “Why does this not after [sic] me personally?  Also, f*ck you.”

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Some attacked Foley for saying that “we” elected Trump. Foley himself did not vote for the president (see below), so his use of the first person plural seems to have meant “America” elected Trump. Nevertheless, here’s how some people responded:


Another suggested “maybe ‘you’ did” — that is, elect Trump.

To this, Foley rightly replied, “There is no ‘you’ or ‘I’. You and I don’t elect a president. ‘We’ do.”

But others also thought Foley was saying he personally voted for Trump. A user by the name of corinna pleaded with him, “nope nope nope. take it back, scott. i wonder if the people who did vote for him, now regret it.”

Ironically, Foley retweeted her, saying, “I hope so.”

Finally, writer and producer Jeff Rivera responded to Foley’s claim that the American people elected Trump, saying, “The Electoral College chose him. The popular vote chose someone else.” This is a fundamental dodge.


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The American people choose a president through the Electoral College, and that very college only ratified the popular votes in each separate state. This system prevents populous states like California from choosing the president outright, which would effectively disenfranchise voters in other states. The United States is not one homogenous country — it is a country made up of states. The country, in the separate states, chose Trump.

Thankfully, at least one Twitter user realized that liberals were attacking Foley when he fundamentally agreed with them. “Dear everyone slandering him, y’all realize that he personally doesn’t agree with DJT, right?”


Not “personally agreeing” with Trump is an understatement. The tweet in which Foley lamented that “we” Americans elected Trump came after a string of messages mocking the president.

“Big. Big big big very big big league. Big first big horrible fake big ashamed because. Big,” Foley tweeted, mocking Trump’s speaking style. “When he verbalizes the thoughts in his head were, he sounds like a 6th grader. ‘…and I said, whoa!'” Foley added. The Scandal actor dismissed Trump as “ranting and raving.  Also, a bully.”


Many of these are legitimate criticisms, if a bit overstated. Trump does use a simple speaking style, and indeed that is likely one of the reasons he won the white working class vote.

To many educated people, the president does come off as “ranting and raving.” But that enabled him to connect to the American people. History will judge if that was a good or a bad thing.

Interestingly, Foley told PJ Media back in May of last year that he would not find it “surprising” if Trump found support in Hollywood.

“Trump speaks to a lot of different people and I think there are a lot of disenfranchised people with regards to the government and the way the government is run, and if he is your cup of tea, and if that’s the way you’re leaning, to each his own,” Foley told PJ Media at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

At the time, Foley said he agreed with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s message the most, but found Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy also compelling. He would not declare whom he supported.


When a Twitter user declared, “I’m not among the 53% of white women or or [sic] 63% of white men who voted for” Trump, Foley replied, “Funnily, neither am I.”

So the Scandal actor didn’t vote for Trump. Shocker! But he realized and acknowledged that the American people nonetheless elected Trump president. In a time when #NotMyPresident goes viral, this is apparently too much for liberals to accept.



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