Students and Teachers Walk Out of School in Protest of Trump Victory

Twitter screenshot of a student and teacher walkout at Berkeley High School.

The morning after Donald Trump won the presidency, students and teachers in southern California walked out of class in protest.

Half of the 3,000 students at Berkeley High School walked out, holding up signs showing a Mexican flag and slogans like “F— Trump.” Students (perhaps ironically) chanted “Love trumps hate” and “Not our president.” Principal Sam Pasarow explained the phenomenon to NBC Bay Area, saying, “They’re crying and they feel unsafe. There’s a great amount of solidarity.” I’m not sure solidarity is exactly the right word…


Similar walkout protests occurred at Oakland Technical School, the Oakland-based private Catholic school Bishop O’Dowd, and at San Jose’s Lincoln High School.

The protest at the Catholic school might be ironic because Roman Catholics actually voted for Trump, according to New York Times exit polls.

In a letter, Oakland Superintendent Antwan Wilson told students that “it will be ok and we will learn from this. This is our system. In order to impact it, you must get an education and be the best so that you can make a difference.” He also stressed the importance of “being respectful of people who have differing views than they do.”

“Whether you’re a student, parent, community member, teacher, or staff member it is important that we do our part to process the results,” Wilson concluded.

As Wilson suggested, rather than protesting the results of the election, students should keep open minds, learn critical thinking, and try to understand both sides of the issue. Their time is better spent learning in school (even if those schools skew liberal) than protesting against the will of the voters.


Parents should speak out and encourage their schools and teachers not to allow their children’s education to be interrupted in this way.

Check out photos of the walkouts on the next page.

Here’s a news photo of Berkeley High School.

The black student union shared another photo.

And another.

Here’s one shared by the school’s official Twitter handle.

And students from another high school joined the protest.


Here’s the protest at Oakland Tech.

And at Bishop O’Dowd.



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