8 Tweets Explaining Why 'Clinton 45' is Trending

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“Clinton 45” is trending on Twitter, and many people seem not to know why. Never fear, the Internet has many answers, most of which are far from the truth.


Despite the many interpretations of Clinton 45, the reason people are talking about it is rather simple — a CNN “Poll of Polls” found Clinton with 45 percent support to Donald Trump’s 43 percent. That’s great news for The Donald, and bad news for the Dowager Queen of Chappaqua.

Nevertheless, polls at this point in the race usually do not predict the outcome of an election. As the Washington Post‘s Daniel Drezner pointed out, this is the worst month for election punditry. Trump is enjoying a polling boost partially because he has clinched the Republican nomination, while Hillary Clinton is still fighting Bernie Sanders. That doesn’t mean Trump can’t win (he does have the anti-establishment wind at his back), but Clinton is still the favorite.

In any case, Twitter’s explanations for “Clinton 45” were much more entertaining than my own, prosaic political analysis, so here they are! (Seriously, check out the bathroom server on page 4).

Next Page: Clinton 45 — a jail sentence?

1. Hillary will be sentenced to 45 years in prison.

2. Or a malt liquor.

Next Page: Clinton 45, like a Colt 45?

3. A type of gun.


4. Number of times staff tried to talk the secretary of State into NOT using a bathroom server.

Next Page: Is Clinton 45 the number of minutes Hillary can go without a nap?

5. The number of minutes Hillary can go without a nap, according to her doctor.

6. Or is it because she’ll be the 45th president? Careful not to count your chickens…

Next Page: Or is Clinton 45 the number of electoral votes she’ll win in November?!

7. Yes, Clinton MIGHT win only 45 electoral votes (yes, this is very very wishful thinking).

8. Clinton, 45 days from indictment.


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