You Say You Don't Want a Grown Man Urinating Next to Your Daughter?

After North Carolina dared to pass a bill designating public restrooms on the basis of biological sex, business leaders began attacking the state for this unbelievable “discrimination.” As the battle continues, average citizens have taken to Twitter to decry the “Transgender Bathroom Hysteria.”


Parents have a right to be concerned about the safety of their children, especially young daughters. While LGBT activists push for their “civil rights,” many parents fear that men masquerading as women may be able to abuse their daughters. One would think single-serve unisex restrooms would be the clear solution, but apparently that’s not enough for our Brave New World.

The New York Times editorial board wished to join the fray, writing an article decrying the “Transgender Bathroom Hysteria” — of those opposed to opening bathrooms to members of the opposite biological sex. They claim that laws like the one passed in North Carolina are unenforceable, and this makes proponents of such laws “lunatics.”

“The lunacy at the heart of this demand to police every public bathroom was captured by Leon Lott, the sheriff of Richland County in South Carolina, who told state lawmakers last week that the law would be unenforceable because his officers could not be in the business of inspecting people’s genitals,” the Times wrote.

The law is less about “inspecting people’s genitals” and more about providing a sense of security and privacy in public restrooms. Women who have claimed to be abused as children oppose measures to open public restrooms to those who are biologically of a different sex. These women are now attacked as bigoted for insisting on such privacy.


The New York Times, for example, isn’t having it. Their editorial board concluded with this scathing attack:

Despite what supporters of these laws might claim, the measures do nothing to make restrooms safer. They will only further stigmatize and endanger people who already face systemic discrimination. If lawmakers who might want to follow North Carolina’s abhorrent example aren’t moved by appeals to equality and human rights, they should ponder this reality: The price of bigotry is becoming quite steep.

Perhaps instead of merely attacking the bill as useless, the Times could suggest ways to actually protect children in these situations. They take a disagreement on means, and turn it into an attack on ends. We should have the goal of protecting our children. Just because one bill may not effectively do that doesn’t violate the whole exercise. Unless, of course, you just want to shame everyone who disagrees with you.

Here are some of the best tweets responding to such claims and expressing the suppressed opposition to claims of LGBT “rights.” Hopefully opponents of these laws will be able to understand there is another side to the issue, and recognize the real concerns of parents.

1. Relax, Lady. I’m transgender.


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4. Going crazy is what rational people do when liberals talk about men in women’s restrooms.


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9. Transgenders are not the only ones with rights.

10. Finally, let’s put things in perspective.




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