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Is a 'Cops and Robbers'-Themed Party Racist?

College frats and sororities often host themed parties and have for decades. It's kind of what people visualize when they think of Greek life on college campuses, at least in part. After all, who can forget the toga party from Animal House?

At the University of Virginia, such a party was forced to shut down after the PC Fun Police threw a hissy fit over the theme. As The Daily Caller reports:

University of Virginia students shut down a “cops and robbers”-themed party at a campus fraternity Thursday, with one student group claiming the party made “a joke of systems that kill and brutalize marginalized communities.”

UVA Students United, a student group focused on social justice, reported that around 20 students shut down the UVA Delta Psi chapter’s date function, which involved male fraternity brothers dressing up in orange jumpsuits and female guests wearing cop uniforms.

“These ‘costumes’ make a joke of mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex, systems that disproportionately brutalize people of color,” said UVA Students United Friday in a Facebook post describing the event. “The predominantly white members of this fraternity got to take their costumes off at the end of the night, people trapped in the prison system do not.”

If that wasn't stupid enough, guess what the social justice jihadis thought of the female guests' attire?

"Historically, the police have justified violence against people of color in the name of protecting white women, and in wearing these costumes, these women made a joke of that legacy of violence," claimed UVA Students United.

Wow. Just...wow.

Is it me, or are they basically claiming that a "cops and robbers"-themed party is racist? Are they trying to claim that minorities are criminals or engage in criminal behavior?

Are they arguing that white people can't be criminals?

No? Oh, then I guess they're arguing that white people never get abused by the legal system. Is that it? If so, there's a nurse in Utah I'd like to introduce them to.

What this is really about is people having fun without thinking about politics. That can't be allowed. You will be forced to care. You will be required to judge each and every act you even think about through a political lens.

Of course, there's a downside to this for the average campus social justice jihadist -- one they don't think about.

When you constantly rain on people's fun, particularly fun that doesn't aim to insult anyone, you create enemies. You alienate those who enjoyed that event and knew that it wasn't a slight against any ethnic group. Those same people will roll their eyes the next time you present something that is so heinous as to demand outrage -- even if it really did deserve the outrage.