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Tampa Bay Nightclub Under Fire for 'Nazi' Partiers

In Tampa Bay sits a nightclub called The Castle. The multi-story club has a reputation for welcoming all kinds: from preppy college kids to BDSM fetishists to the LGBT community, all have been welcome.

For some, that's a problem since The Castle reportedly refuses to do anything about their "Nazi" problem:

The dark, multi-story club vibrating with industrial and '80s music is, as a former manager put it, a place where all are welcome: "You might see a guy wearing a polo shirt, next to a guy wearing a Misfits tee, next to a guy in a Chewbacca suit next to a guy in a tutu."

Now, the Castle is under siege from an avalanche of Internet rage involving Nazis supposedly being allowed to party there.

In reviews on the club's Facebook page, some called for a boycott and others said they no longer felt safe there. An out-of-town promoter canceled a large, vampire role-playing convention at the club, saying "it's our duty to provide an environment that is safe for and tolerant of all people."

Pushed to respond, the club issued a statement that "discrimination, bigotry and hate have no place in the Castle." That statement, in which Jewish owner Alan Kahana said it pained him that anyone would think his club welcomes hate groups, spread the rumors further.

So, does the club welcome Nazis? Not really, according to one person who has spent a fair bit of time at The Castle but asked to remain anonymous:

There are no Nazis there. Oh, there are people who cosplay as Nazis (without the swastikas). It's part of the BDSM fetish community. I don't pretend to understand why they do it, but since many of them are gay, non-white, and/or Jewish (yes, that gets weird sometimes), I'm pretty sure it's not because they are seig heiling to idols of Hitler.

This person has a point.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of the social justice jihadi. Fun can't be allowed unless it's approved fun, and nothing is approved unless it passes the SJWs' morality test ... and almost nothing does.

Like the person I spoke with, I don't pretend to understand why they do it. But social justice zealots can't have that. Everything they like should be required, everything they hate should be forbidden.

For everyone.