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Women's Studies Prof: 'I Wish Someone Would Just Shoot' Trump

I get it. Donald Trump isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people love him, some people hate him, and some of us just watch the left howl over the guy while personally feeling kind of "meh" about him as president.

But some Leftist academics, for example, hate him so much they wish for assassination. Here's the latest example, as reported by The College Fix:

“Trump is a f*cking joke. This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright,” tweeted educator Kevin Allred from his personal account Friday night.

Earlier that day, Allred also tweeted the infamous picture of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated model of Trump’s bloody head under the word “mood.”

Allred, who has a history of controversial tweets, was listed as an adjunct instructor in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies program at Montclair State University as recently as July 29, according to a screenshot of the university’s website.


After Allred tweeted his presidential assassination sentiments on Friday, he received reaction -- and some backlash. He quickly deleted the tweet, but continued to defend it, asserting just 25 minutes later in a tweet: “saying you wish donald trump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him. just saying … ”

In 2008, before Obama was even president, a Fox News contributor was forced to apologize for a joke regarding the then senator that was, at its worst, a similar kind of remark.

In 2010, blogger Solomon "Solly" Forrell was blasted by the left after tweeting that the country had gotten over the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy and would get over Obama being assassinated, too. The left was furious over it.

These were just two examples of liberal outrage over similar remarks. Why is it only wrong when the right does it?

The answer, of course, is that it's not. Hoping for the death of another person is never a good thing. I wasn't thrilled about either of those remarks above, and I say that as someone who loathed Obama as a president.