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School Evacuated after Kid Wears Darth Vader Costume to Class

Happy "May the Fourth Be With You" Day -- except in a small Wisconsin town where a parent glimpsed a student entering the Ashwaubenon High School wearing a Darth Vader costume.

The parent, worried about the "unusual" dress of the kid, called school authorities, who called the police, who promptly showed up and evacuated the school.

And to complete this massive overreaction, authorities also put the middle school and the community center on lockdown.

Fox 6:

A student wearing a Stormtrooper mask and costume from the movie “Star Wars” prompted an evacuation at Ashwaubenon High School Thursday morning, May 4th.

Officials say a concerned parent called police after seeing someone walk into the school with unusual clothing.

Ashwaubenon Public Safety responded to the scene and evacuated the high school. Parkview Middle School and the Community Center, where some students were taking an AP test, were put into lockdown.

Public Safety did a sweep through the high school — and no threat was found.

I find their lack of faith disturbing.

The police weren't laughing:

"Ashwaubenon Public Safety is not seeking any recourse toward the student as it has been determined that this was merely a mistake or lapse in judgment," reads a statement from police.

Isn't this always the way democracies die? Not arresting Darth Vader, saying that his horrendous misdeeds are just a "lapse in judgment," will quickly lead to society's downfall.