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Humpty Trumpty, Batman, and Pink Flamingos at the People's Climate March

At the People's Climate March in Washington, D.C., protesters "resisted" by mocking President Donald Trump, dressing up like Batman, and even wearing colorful outfits, like of a pink flamingo. PJ Media was on scene with a Facebook Live video.

The protest was rather colorful, and had many wacky characters, from a Trump-style egg Humpty Dumpty (hence Trumpty Dumpty) to a man dressed like Trump, wearing a crown, and playing golf with a tiny globe — clever.

The woman dressed as a pink flamingo said that type of bird is an endangered species, but she also said she was making a feminist statement, dressing scandalously at a massive protest.

Associating the climate issue solely with protesting President Trump might be a bad decision overall — just like politicizing science with the March for Science last Saturday arguably undermined science. Absent from the march were any dissenting voices, but each liberal interest group was arguably overrepresented, from native Americans to immigrants to LGBT activists.

The march might have been so diverse mainly due to the funding of George Soros, who heavily contributed to the groups on the steering committee.

Here's the video, in all of its glory.