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Israeli Ambassador Mocks 'Expert at Fiction' Ben Rhodes

Former Obama staffer in a suit

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. on Monday casually mocked White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes’ denials that the Obama administration played a key role in getting a resolution condemning Israel passed in the UN Security Council, dismissing him as an “expert at fiction.”

The Israeli government has been claiming for days that they have "ironclad information" that the Obama administration helped create and push UN Resolution 2334, and now reporters are demanding proof.

Via CNS News:

Ambassador Ron Dermer told MSNBC the Israeli government had proof that it would share that evidence with the incoming Trump administration – which “can decide whether they want to share that with the American people.”

“We’re obviously not going to share it with this [Obama] administration because this administration is behind it,” he charged.

Asked about Rhodes’ denial of an administration role, Dermer replied, “Ben Rhodes is an expert at fiction."

“Let’s just wait until all the evidence is presented to the new administration and they will decide,” he said.

And then you can invite me back on your show and you can see whether I’m telling you the truth,” he added. “When the prime minister of Israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by 100 percent evidence. You can take that to the bank.”

This is not the first time an Obama administration detractor has hit Mr. Rhodes along those lines, and it probably won't be the last. The taunt stems from the extraordinarily frank interview Rhodes gave to veteran reporter David Samuels in the New York Times Magazine back in May ("The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama's Foreign Policy Guru").

The expose chronicles how Rhodes went from being a creative writing major to being "the master shaper and retailer of Obama's foreign-policy narratives," as Samuels put it. "Obama's foreign policy fairy tales" is more like it.

Following the explosive NYT article, Rhodes was asked to appear before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing to answer questions about the White House's misinformation campaign to garner approval for the comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.

Ahead of the hearing, Senator Tom Cotton, who had  been on the receiving end of a ferocious left-wing, "two minutes of hate" campaign for daring to oppose the Iran deal, referred to Rhodes as a "failed novelist."

"Some of the coverage of Ben Rhodes is what happens when you put van drivers and campaign flaks and failed novelists in charge of foreign policy and national security," the U.S. Army veteran told radio talk show Hugh Hewitt.

With Rhodes a no-show at the Oversight and Reform "White House Narratives on the Iran Nuclear Deal" hearing, S.C. Congressman Trey Gowdy spent his five minutes of allotted time mocking "creative writing expert" Ben Rhodes.