42 Things You're Not Allowed to Say At Virginia Tech

Fifty years ago, students protested for free speech. Now, they're protesting against it. Last spring, groups at Virginia Tech collaborated to produce a list of 42 different expressions which offend them. Posters reminding students of the forbidden speech remain scattered across campus today, The College Fix reported.

"It should have been a campaign to promote common decency, but beneath the surface, it plays into their own scornful agendas," Nicholas Korpics, a senior at the college, told The College Fix. "The minority groups on campus, especially within the leftist-queer community, have little to no intentions of reconciling with their 'oppressors.' They just want to isolate themselves and then say nasty things about people who oppress them."

The list of forbidden expressions was compiled at a series of weekly meetings hosted by the NAACP, the Muslim Student Association, and the Jewish Student Union. At least three remain in McBryde academic hall, telling students not to say "All Jews are rich," not to call students "spicy latinas," and not to shout "run n*gger run" at black joggers — as if these were all common practices.

All such phrases are considered "micgro-aggressions," which means that no matter what the intentions of the speaker or the context of the comment, such statements carry the ability to offend someone, and therefore must be forbidden.

This is not the first time Virginia Tech has made the news for controversial posters. Earlier this year, students put up posters asking Christian students to check their "religious privilege."

Without further ado, here is the list of 42 expressions forbidden by the PC police at Virginia Tech, organized by four major categories: disability, religion, transgenderism, and race. Enjoy (or mourn, your pick)!

Trigger warning: many of these border on the absurd. Actually realizing that people think of these things as discriminatory may cause confusion, anger, and the desire to share this article on social media. You've been warned.


  • “She’s so bipolar.” Disabilities are not insults.
  • “Coworkers at another institution frequently tried to ‘diagnose’ people behind their back, and repeatedly described people with specific disabilities (that I share) as scary, dangerous, awkward, creepy, weird, ect.”
  • A disabled person being told “You’re so inspirational” for doing an everyday task.
  • “Don’t call yourself that,” where that refers to me calling myself disabled.
  • “You have so much to be thankful for, you have no reason to be depressed.”
  • “You just need a positive mental attitude!” being told to people with mental illness or other disabilities.
  • A non-disabled classmate viewing the R-word as just another swear word and including it in a poem.
  • Going to other campus social justice or diversity events, and them not being accessible [for disabled people].
  • Having to take a longer, less obvious route to get into buildings on campus. [Yes, they consider just having to do this a "micro-aggression" against the disabled.]

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