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Black Lives Matter Activists Plan to Disrupt Black Friday Shopping in Major Cities

Black Lives Matter agitators plan to disrupt Black Friday shopping in at least two cities this year in an attempt to draw attention to what they call unjustified police shootings. Organizers in Chicago and Seattle are planning demonstrations that they hope will attract thousands of protesters.

In Seattle, as many as 2,700 people may attend a Black Lives Matter protest downtown on Black Friday, according to a Facebook pageĀ set up by the "Black Freedom Front of Seattle."

Via Seattle Patch:

The event, "BlackLivesFriday 3.0 The Revolution Begins," implores would-be Black Friday shoppers to ditch the stores and join the group in remembering people killed by police in recent years. The page indicates that some 7,000 are interested in attending the protest, and another 8,000 have been invited.

"WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND BE UNITED AS ONE AGAINST injustice, racism, oppression, police brutality and get JUSTICE FOR Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Tony Robison, Sandra Bland and hundreds of other unarmed people of color KILLED BY POLICE," the Facebook event page states.

Black Lives Matter protests have occurred in downtown Seattle on Black Friday since 2014. On Nov. 25 that year, three days before Black Friday, a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson, Mo., officer Darren Wilson in the police-action shooting death of Michael Brown.

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