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Trump Sticks with People Who Stuck by Him, Media Bewildered

Steve Bannon

As soon as the news broke that President-elect Trump had named Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist, the media began acting as if he'd just freed Charles Manson and given him the launch codes. After helping Trump win in states where Republicans have sought nothing but moral victories for decades, Bannon seemed like a perfectly logical choice to keep close in an advisory capacity. New presidents bring people they trust with them to Washington all the time. Valerie Jarrett has been the woman behind the curtain in the Obama administration for eight years. Hey, somebody has to run the place while President Short Game is on the golf course.

Bannon, however, is a guy that the media disapproves of. Despite having just been roundly rejected, the MSM doesn't quite get that no one outside of the DNC cares about what they have to say. They don't like Bannon and they want to make sure they let everyone know. In what is now perhaps the most tedious media habit, they harass Republicans to denounce what and/or whom they think should be denounced.

House Republicans returned to Capitol Hill Monday fresh off of last week's election victories only to be met with new questions about President-elect Donald Trump's pick of his controversial campaign CEO to be the chief White House strategist.

On Sunday, Trump's transition announced that Steve Bannon, a figure with ties to an alt-right movement that includes white nationalist elements, would join the White House team -- a move that has drawn condemnation from Democrats as offensive and divisive.