New Black Panthers with Guns, Lots of Them

I remember the good old days when President Obama and his Justice Department weren't so worried about nasty racists and felons having guns. I remember when President Obama and his Justice Department refused to do anything about New Black Panthers with guns, even New Black Panthers with criminal records possessing firearms and others threatening to kill cops.

This week President Obama announced legally dubious plans to force private citizens to behave as if they were federal gun dealers and threatened to place the names of certain Americans on a list to prevent them from obtaining firearms.  He sought to expand background checks to gun transactions that Congress has long exempted from federal interference.

President Obama claimed he was very concerned about the wrong people having guns.

He wasn't always so concerned about the wrong people having guns.

Over four years ago, I wrote a piece headlined "Eric Holder's Continuing Favors to Criminal New Black Panthers."

Shabazz (L) and Jackson (R) Shabazz (L) and Jackson (R)

Jerry Jackson was the New Black Panther who famously stalked a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 swinging a billy club.  The Panthers were deployed to help the president get elected by impairing access to individuals, including Republican pollwatchers there to document election illegalities.  As I noted in 2011, the racist New Black Panther Jerry Jackson was also a Democrat Party elected official:

Jackson has a long violent criminal history. He is also a Democratic Party elected official in Philadelphia, not that those two facts have anything in common, of course. He was elected in May 2010 to a seat on the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee in the 14th Ward. ...

It is illegal under federal law (18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1)) for any felon to possess a firearm. As one federal prosecutor told me, “these cases are among the simplest to win. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Did a felon hold a gun, or not? Period.” It matters not if the gun was loaded, or even works."

So, is the Democrat New Black Panther Jerry Jackson indeed a felon? From my Breitbart piece:

According to this criminal complaint, in 1978, Jackson “with another black man did stab and rob comp[lainant] on the highway 4024 W. Girard Ave. . . Charged:” robbery, theft, possession of an instrument of a crime, probation offense with a weapon , criminal conspiracy, simple assault and aggravated assault. On January 10, 1979, Jackson was sentenced for robbery and criminal conspiracy convictions, both first degree felonies under Pennsylvania law.

Mike Roman has reported at Election Journal that Jackson has also been arrested and served time for dealing drugs.

What about King Samir Shabazz, the other New Black Panther posing with firearms?