Anti-Semitic SJWs Upset That 'Wonder Woman' Role Given to Israeli Gal Gadot

When they first announced that Wonder Woman would get her own movie, I had mixed feelings. I was thrilled to see the character get her own film, but I feared what some might try to do with her. After all, in a world where "girl power" is supposed to be all that matters, a female-lead film seems like the ideal place for social justice screwery.

Well, apparently, I need not worry.

You see, they cast the beautiful Gal Gadot for the role. And while the social justice warriors don't blame her for Batman Versus Superman, they have decided to blame her for other stuff:

Gadot is Israeli, and served in the Israeli Defense Forces per that country's mandatory service. But per her comments alone, Gadot clearly supports her nation's right not only to exist, but to not be murdered by terrorists.

Let's look at the term "Zionist": when did the SJWs start channeling Alex Jones? It's hard to take anyone seriously when they scream "Zionist" for any reason, but especially when someone offers a political opinion about things that impact their own homeland.