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Oh, Rio: Body Parts Wash Up at Olympic Volleyball Venue

How do you say "OMG" in Portuguese?

Parts of a dismembered body were found along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro Wednesday, just steps from where Olympic volleyball players will be competing this summer.

A street vendor made the grisly discovery – a mutilated, human corpse wrapped in black plastic. The sex of the victim could not be determined, according to the Journal of Brazil.

A police officer who is part of the country’s effort to secure tourist areas, was punished after sending a photo of the grisly scene with this message via WhatsApp:

“Things in Rio are getting worse. I’m on duty here in the headquarters of BPTur (Police Battalion in Tourist Areas). They just found a dismembered body on Copacabana Beach behind the volleyball arena they are constructing. Man, now it’s all going to come down on this government. A better thing couldn’t have happened.”

Although it's become a minor hobby of mine chronicling all that could go or is going wrong with the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting a "dismembered corpse/beach volleyball" story. Who's in charge of the Rio organizing committee, Stephen King?