'WaPo': Brexit Shows Some Things Shouldn't Be Decided by the People

It has been absolutely delicious to watch the American media melt down since last week's Brexit vote. Nothing terrifies liberal elitists more than an aware and energized electorate. The MSM fears the rise of a voting class that doesn't march to its orders, and they fear this Brexit stuff will spread.

At least they're being honest about the end game now, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

While the original article headline used the less offensive "shoulddn't be decided by referendum," the Post's tweet was a lot more forthcoming:

The author of the article earnestly makes the case that in places like the United States and Great Britain we elect people to legislatures to handle these things for us. In a perfect world, we could trust said representation. In the United States, especially at the federal level, legislating has become a career path that almost inevitably sees our elected officials representing themselves more than their constituents (John McCain comes to mind).

There's the dilemma: should the same people who keep electing legislators who don't adequately represent them be allowed to vote on referenda?