American Stars Jose Canseco and Lindsay Lohan Make Fools of Themselves With Anti-Brexit Rants

I'm all for foreigners talking about other countries' politics. I do the same thing myself: I'm Dutch, but I'm obsessed with the United States.

That all changes, however, if you don't know what the heck you are talking about. And that's sadly the case when self-declared experts like former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco and actress Lindsay Lohan take to Twitter to criticize the British people for voting for a Brexit.

Case in point:

Small shops? Say what? What does they have to do with a Brexit? In fact, the businesses that won't "suffer" because of Britain leaving the EU are small businesses -- and especially small shops that do little to no business with EU member states.

Another gem:

Blaming the city of Sunderland for a possible pound plummet? It doesn't get much stranger than that. Or does it?

You see, Lindsay was angry with Sunderland, but also tweeted that she had no idea where that city was even located:

And what do "one love" and "one people" have to do with Britain leaving the EU?