Study Finds Women Prefer 'Benevolent Sexism' to Feminist Men

Demonstrators march up 5th Avenue during a women's march, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

What do women want from a man?

That’s a question men have asked for ages, and I firmly believe that many so-called feminist men believe saying the right things will help them get laid. When you look at how many later turn out to be scumbags, it fits.


However, a recent study tried to quantify what women prefer, and feminists are likely to flip their collective lids over it.

Amanda Prestigiacomo at The Daily Wire writes: “Turns out, women are hard-wired to be much more attracted to male protectors who espouse so-called ‘benevolent sexism’ than men who treat them as equals. And the best part: this is true even for hardcore feminists, scientists found.”

“According to a new study from University of Kent and Iowa State University scientists, which was published on Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women overwhelmingly preferred chivalrous men who viewed women as needing protecting,” Prestigiacomo notes.

This is what the study’s authors referred to as “benevolent sexism.”

The fact that feminists, the supposedly enlightened women who are supposedly leading the way away from this kind of behavior, are attracted to this kind of thing indicates that it may have more to do with evolutionary psychology than with conscious thought.

The study’s authors argue: “Our proposal is that women approve of BS attitudes and behaviors because they are taken as cues that a man is willing to invest by being protective, providing, and committed.”


I suspect the reason these are taken as such cues is that … they are such cues. And because women seek men who are protective, providing, and committed.

I can’t tell you how many women have told me that the biggest problem they have while dating is finding actual men. By that, they mean guys who adhere to this kind of “benevolent sexism.” It wasn’t enough that a man might be interested in them, they also needed to hold to certain ideals themselves — ideals like those found in the study.

Feminism has been very vocal in telling men how to behave to attract women. But feminists are apparently humans first, just like everyone else.


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