Lawsuit Alleges Google Told Managers 'Objectivity,' 'Colorblindness' Are Racist

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Google may now be questioning the wisdom of firing James Damore. While his memo caused all kinds of internal strife at the ideologically restrictive workplace, it seems his lawsuit for wrongful termination may cause bigger headaches — especially since three new plaintiffs have joined in recent days.


The lawsuit alleges that managers had to undergo a training course called “Inclusive Perf,” which was required for some managers and optional for others. A handout from the course reportedly warned managers against “rewarding people when they exhibit values and practices that are part of the dominant, and either punishing or failing to reward people when they exhibit values that are outside the of the dominant cultural norm.”

The handout also reportedly listed qualities valued by the “dominant white/male culture” such as objectivity, believing in meritocracy, and being colorblind toward race.

Yes, you read that correctly. There are myriad laws on the books — like the Civil Rights Act — demanding companies maintain colorblindness.

Meanwhile, it claims that “white/male culture” devalues “sustainability.” 

This is nothing more than radical social justice indoctrination masquerading as some kind of business/leadership training. It has no basis in reality and instead seeks to push one ideology as right and proper.

In a business, meritocracy is the only viable option — especially for a publicly owned company. People who rise up the food chain on anything other than merit will cause problems for the company, and could cause legal problems for those with fiduciary responsibility.


Objectivity is the foundation of logic. To claim objectivity is somehow wrong, racist, or anything negative is nothing more than postmodernism’s ridiculous idea that facts are subjective. That a tech company — where a product either produces the right output or it fails — could praise such nonsense is breathtaking.

Right now, Google is an 800 lb. gorilla in the tech industry, one of several. They’re thriving despite this training, not because of it. However, sooner or later Google will implode if these ideas guide more and more of its decisions.


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