Leftists Storm Out of Lecture Over Claim Men, Women Have Different Bodies

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The world is a tough place. It gets even tougher if reality is offensive to you. You can embrace postmodernism and subjectivity all you’d like, but, say, falling from a tall enough height is still objectively fatal.


In the insane environment that is a modern college campus, a biology professor stating a simple, measurable fact … well, just watch this from Portland State University:


The speaker was Heather Heying, wife of former Evergreen State professor Bret Weinstein. You remember Bret Weinstein, right? It seems his wife is also the kind of person who believes facts are facts and no number of unicorns farting in unison will change that.

Heying’s statement should have been noncontroversial. Men are taller and have more muscle mass on average than women. Men and women store fat differently in their bodies. These are objective biological facts. There shouldn’t be controversy over that.

Yet the activist who sabotaged the sound system over that thinks it is. She even accused Heying — a biologist — and all the other attendees of being delusional. She screamed: “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.”


The “women.” Hey, what’s a woman?

Someone was brainwashed, but it wasn’t the biology professor. That’s the problem with the social justice jihadis. Facts are irrelevant to them. Everything is subjective. They can’t fathom a world where their opinions can be proven wrong and where others’ facts can’t be dismissed.

Ideas don’t change the nature of the universe. Men won’t suddenly become shorter, smaller, weaker, and slower than women simply because a feminist wants sex differences to not exist. Throwing a tantrum and calling everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi won’t change anything, either.


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