Black Student Activists Want To Defund College Republicans


College Republican chapters throughout the country are probably used to being the unpopular kids on campus. Even the politically apathetic are more easily tolerated than a group of college students opposed to government meddling in our lives and businesses, and in favor of low taxes, gun rights, and personal freedom. This isn’t anything new, however.


What is new is students trying to defund the College Republicans for inviting unpopular speakers.

From The College Fix:

If you invite speakers we call white supremacists, you aren’t worthy of receiving student government money funded by your own fees.

That’s the crux of the argument by the Black Students’ Organization at Columbia University against the College Republicans chapter, citing its invitation of Internet personality Mike Cernovich, author of the masculinity guide “Gorilla Mindset” and popularizer of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, and Tommy Robinson, founder of the anti-Islam English Defence League.

The Columbia Daily Spectator reports that the BSO brought a proposal before the Student Governing Board to block the CRs from receiving future funding; the club received $4,640 last year:

“We do not support, in any capacity, giving a platform to beliefs that blatantly oppose our livelihood and humanity, and especially not in the name of intellectual diversity,” BSO said in its proposal. The group also sought support from other student organizations, asking for participation in a “Columbia Coalition Against White Supremacy.”

Cernovich is scheduled to speak tonight; Robinson’s Skype-delivered speech earlier this month drew continuous disruptions, leading an administrator to promise disciplinary action against students who disrupted.


I’m not a Mike Cernovich fan. He and I have some widely divergent views on a great many things, but you know what I haven’t seen from him? White supremacy.

I’m not overly familiar with Robinson, but most of what I find about him involves his anti-Islam stance. I hate to break it to you, but Islam isn’t a race. No, really.

You can’t make white supremacy a catch-all term for everything you dislike.

The fact is that neither of these two opposes the humanity of black students. But it’s not really about that, is it? No, it’s about shutting up the opposition and using whatever cudgel you can find to make that happen.


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