Dream Machine Dropped from Label for Refusing to Toe Party Line on 'Safe Spaces,' Feminism

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If a musician voiced his opinion that Donald Trump was the anti-Christ, it’s entirely likely that his label would stand beside him through thick or thin. The artistic world claims to love free expression. It’s fine for creative types to be controversial!


Unless, of course, they take issue with leftist sacred cows. Then it’s “Adios!”

That’s what happened to the band Dream Machine after a couple members voiced their opinions on things like safe spaces, feminism, and immigration.

From Heat Street:

In a Facebook statement yesterday, Castle Face Records criticized comments that musician couple Doris and Matthew Melton made during an interview with the French publication Still in Rock. While the California-based record label can’t pull the album it released in May, it vowed to donate profits from sales to charity.

“We’re horrified and ashamed by this, and we appreciate people being upset but respectful in letting us know how they felt about it,” the record label posted on Facebook.

Here are the comments that got Dream Machine blacklisted.

On immigration.

 Doris, who immigrated legally to the United States from Bosnia, approved of recent crackdowns by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement targeting immigrants with criminal histories.

“ICE is just doing their job,” she said, “and I’m glad they’re finally starting to work on deporting criminal illegal aliens too.”

She also said illegal migration makes it more difficult “for people who do want to become a part of American society the right way.”

Doris also took issue with feminism, lamenting “feminist” bands that are up on all the social justice lingo, but “don’t even know how to play their instruments.”


The band moved from the U.S. to Europe, reportedly to get away from political correctness. Matthew Melton argued that safe spaces make people weak.

However, his label is apparently one big safe space, and they didn’t want Dream Machine kicking in the door.

People are, of course, free to use whatever criteria they want for selecting bands to listen to, and if a band makes comments individuals find abhorrent, then it’s unsurprising those people won’t listen to the bands. If that happens enough, a label dropping them makes sense.

That’s not what happened here, though. Instead, a label decided to drop a band because the social justice jihadis have gone on … well … a jihad against the band because they said not-nice things about social justice. Yet another example of the intolerance of the social justice zealots who can’t tolerate “uncool” opinions and want to make sure no one is allowed to play in any sandbox unless they think the right things.

It looks like Orwell may have missed it on this one. Thought crimes don’t really need the government’s approval to exist.


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