Muslim Academic Claims Sharia Law Is Good for Feminism

A general view of a Muslim woman in London. Picture date: Monday April 3, 2017. PA Wire URN:30966894

Dr. Susan Carland is an Australian academic who, like Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour, is supposedly a feminist Muslim.

Recently, Carland continued to spread false information about Islam and women while speaking about how Sharia law isn’t actually contrary to feminism, as it’s just being misinterpreted:


“For those of you that don’t know, if a woman is raped she can be punished for adultery,” Dr Carland told her audience at Gleebooks, promoting her new book ‘Fighting Hislam: Women, Faith and Sexism’.

Despite concerns that Sharia law gives rape victims no rights, Dr Carland explained a US lawyer’s campaign to challenge adultery laws in Pakistan arguing “there is no justification under Sharia for a woman who is raped to be punished”.

“You can have secular feminism, you can have Islamic feminism, you can have all different types of feminism.

“I could go to them with these human rights justifications for why it’s wrong,” Dr Carland recalled the lawyer telling her.

“But I know that if I do that, they will double down on this law because they will feel it’s an insult to their culture and their tradition and their religion’, why would I just not use the Sharia to make the argument this is wrong?’”

Carland is simply twisting the truth into a revolting, immoral argument.


Under Sharia Law, either the rapist must confess to the crime, or four male witnesses must testify that the victim was raped.

If she cannot find four witnesses, her rape accusation is simply treated as consensual sex — and then she is punished for adultery.

Leftists like Carland crow about women’s rights and hide the truth about Islam so as to join feminist movements in the West. Movements that lament the misfortune of a gay couple who is refused a cake from a bakery, while defending a system of law that executes homosexuals.

Carland’s efforts to paint Sharia Law as something feminists should embrace isn’t just laughable — it’s malicious.


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