Harvard Students Launch 'Resistance School'

April 1, 2017 - two days before the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, progressive leaders and activists rally at Foley Square in New York City and in cities across the country to call on the Senate to oppose President Trump's agenda, and demand opposition to his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. (Photo by Erik McGregor) (Sipa via AP Images)

My, how times change.

Remember when — of course you do, it was just three months ago — opposing the president was considered racist and unpatriotic? Back then, anything President Obama said or did was holy writ, and anyone taking issue with it was told, one way or another, to shut up.


Today, however, resistance to the president isn’t just a natural part of the American process, but something that students at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University think everyone should be taught how to do:

President Donald Trump has a new enemy in town, and thy name is Harvard student.

Specifically, it’s students at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, who’ve just launched a “Resistance School” to fight all things Trump. Guess the name “Propaganda School” was already taken.

The group makes clear it’s student-run, and not officially affiliated with Harvard. But this is what our best and brightest have to offer the country?

Anyhow, the school’s not really a school, but rather a free four-week online course that bills itself as a means for participants to “sharpen the tools we need to fight back at the federal, state and local levels” with an overall goal of keeping “the embers of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement and forward-looking action.”

That’s a mouthful.

So let’s break it down into what’s really going on here: Democrats, or more to truth progressives and socialists-in-training, are just ticked to high heaven their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the White House. And Barack Obama, through his Obama Foundation, has created “a living, working start-up for citizenship — an ongoing project for us to shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century.”

It’s an umbrella group for anti-Trump activism, a go-to of sorts for the disgruntled left to get involved in some good old fashioned political protests. Activism just happens to be Obama’s thang. Add to that the other anti-Trump organizations that have sprung — the dozens of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, George Soros-type rights groups that have turned laser focus on the present administration — and the recipe for mass protest is prepared.


Let me be clear: protest is a natural right, an American right.

Opposing presidents is fine. However, all of these people looked at the Tea Party as unpatriotic.

The First Amendment — the Second, too — are how we prevent despots, despite political rhetoric. If you can protest an administration, if you can call them every vile thing you can think of without fear of prison, the odds that you live under an actual tyranny are nil.

Where will this “Resistance School” be when (or “if” — fingers crossed) another Democrat is elected? We already know what will happen. All the lofty talk of “resistance” being patriotic will be proven to have been phony. Protest will be “un-American” again. Resistance School will shutter its virtual doors because the only appropriate fight is over.

Further, Resistance School will likely morph into an arm of the Democratic Party — if that isn’t underway already.


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