D.C. Police Looking for Man Who Posted Misogynist Fliers on Campus

Police in our nation’s capital are on the hunt for a man who they say vandalized American University with misogynist messages. The messages were on numerous fliers posted all over campus:


Anti-feminism posters were plastered across the campus of American University and university police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime.

Pictures of the fliers posted on campus were tweeted out and posted on Facebook. One of the fliers posted had an image of a man in a suit and it had a message using an expletive in telling women to “stop talking” and “make me a sandwich.”

A crime alert email has been sent out to the campus community with images of the person police believed to be responsible. Police said the man posted the offensive fliers in various areas that included Mary Graydon Center, McCabe Hall, McKinley Hall and the Kogod School of Business. Police said the fliers were posted at around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The fliers were removed, and the school issued a statement decrying them as misogynistic.

Of course, fliers denigrating various groups can be posted on campus — as long as they have been approved previously. In other words, Leftist ideas can be posted, and little else. How is this such a terrible act of vandalism that the D.C. police are involved, even releasing surveillance footage to the local news?

That being said, let’s address the fliers themselves. I think I’ve shown that I’m anything but a male feminist or what I call a FIM (feminist indoctrinated male) by any stretch of the imagination, so keep that in mind when I say that crap like this isn’t helping.


These fliers reinforce the idea that opposition to feminism is inherently misogynistic. This feeds into the feminist stereotypes of their opponents, and will be held up as proof that the opposition wants to keep them in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

Of course, I won’t rule out that this was the goal.

We’ve seen enough “false flag” hoaxes in recent months that we can’t rule out this being yet another. After all, it feeds the feminist narrative itself, not the actual conservative/libertarian arguments against modern feminism.

If it’s not a false flag, then whoever did it needs a rectal/cranial inversion immediately. But don’t let that stop anyone from being morons. If there is one sacred right the government actually can’t take away, regardless of who is in power, it’s the right to be an idiot.



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