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The Associated Press is Sick of State Dept. Stonewalling on Hillary Docs

When you’re losing the MSM…

The Associated Press rebuked the State Department on Monday, accusing the agency of dragging their feet on producing documents related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary.

The State Department, asked to produce Clinton’s public schedule for the duration of her time in office, has said it will need a month to process 400 pages of the material—a pace that, according to AP calculations, would require four years for the department to complete the task.

“AP (and the citizens of this nation) should not have to wait another four years, long after the 2016 election in which Secretary Clinton is a presidential candidate, to receive a full set of her schedules from her tenure as Secretary of State. AP respectfully suggests that a reasonable production schedule would require State to produce all of Secretary Clinton’s ‘mini schedules’ and ‘final schedules’ no later than the Spring of 2016,” the AP wrote in court-filed response to the State Department.

The AP sued the State Department in March after the department “failed to satisfy repeated document requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act, including one made five years ago,” the AP said. At least one judge has already criticized the State Department for being slow to respond to the AP.

AP isn’t exactly known for being hard on Democrats in recent years. They’re still basically cheerleaders and an advocacy arm for The Idiot King. That they have gone to court over this is indicative how just how loathsome Mrs. Bill is, even to those who probably want to like her.

One gets the sense that many, if not most, in the MSM would love to just scream, “WE CAN’T STAND HER EITHER!” They’re afraid of what she will do to retaliate if elected. So it’s easier for them to go on hating the Republicans and conservatives even more. They know we’re the ones who respect their First Amendment rights and don’t want to destroy them.