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[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Acts Out 'Princess Bride' Scene -- Completely Nails It

Ted Cruz was taping a “Candidate Cafe” segment for WMUR in New Hampshire last week when he went a little off script, acting out a scene from the movie “Princess Bride.”

Cruz, who has said before that “Princess Bride” is his favorite move, recited the lines almost flawlessly — hilariously recreating the debate between Miracle Max, Max’s Wife (“I’m no witch, I’m your wife!”) and Inigo Montoya about whether or not to revive Wesley, who’s been declared “only mostly dead” by Max. 

Diners sitting around the table at the cafe with Cruz were laughing so hard they nearly fell out of their chairs. “My media team is now having a heart attack,” Cruz quipped at the end. 

Judging by this short snippet, I’m guessing that storytime at the Cruz family home is a whole lot of fun!  

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