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Enough Is Enough: Paris Terror Attacks Prove the Borders Have to Be Closed

I’ve had enough. This is getting ridiculous. Heck, it has been ridiculous for years: we can’t let tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East into Europe and the United States. This mass immigration wave has to end. Now.

We have known for months that ISIS uses the “refugee crisis” to smuggle people into Western Europe. These individuals then form sleeper cells that are put on standby until ISIS’ leaders call on them to carry out attacks. This is basically what happened yesterday: ISIS’ sleepers laid low for a while, but acted when the order was given. As a result, around 130 innocent people were killed. In cold blood.

Enough is enough. There’s nothing compassionate about letting hordes of so-called refugees into the West — “refugees” who don’t share our values and some of whom actually hate us and want to kill us.

Too many European politicians — and their American counterparts too, see President Obama — talk about having “compassion” for the refugees. How about having compassion for your own citizens, Europe? How about having enough compassion with them to do what governments are supposed to do: keep their own people safe? As Mark Levin said on his radio show yesterday, “It is not compassionate when a government does not protect its own people.” It is not. It’s the opposite: by opening their countries’ borders and letting enormous amounts of people in without checking their backgrounds, European leaders share responsibility for these attacks — and for every single life that’s lost because of them.


Europe has to man up and take action. Every single border has to be closed. Shut them down. No more immigrants from the Middle East. The only possible exception are confirmed Christians because they’re being targeted for genocide by ISIS and likeminded groups. Every other Arab will have to look at other Arab countries for help. If Middle Easterners care so much about Middle Easterners, let them take care of each other. There’s no need whatsoever for us to commit mass suicide because our dear leftist leaders tell us it’s the “compassionate” thing to do.

It is not. Having compassion means protecting your own people against terrorists, radicals and aggressors who want to kill them. That’s compassionate.

And no, this isn’t about hate. Nobody hates Arabs. Or Muslims.  It’s about national security, about keeping Europeans and Americans safe.

Oh, and now that I’m coming up with plans to end this madness, how about this? Let the citizenry arm itself. The victims of yesterday’s attacks were sitting ducks because the French government doesn’t allow them to defend themselves. If the authorities were able to do it for them, that’d be somewhat acceptable, but the bloodbath proves that the authorities are completely and utterly incompetent. The American NSA didn’t notice any “increased chatter,” and the French government didn’t see it coming either. That’s exactly why people have the natural right to defend themselves: because no government can protect all of its people, all the time.

Begone liberal gun-haters! Normal, law-abiding civilians need guns now more than ever, especially in Europe. If the police can’t defend them, they’ll have to do it themselves.

Michael van der Galien is Dutch, lives in Turkey, and celebrated his honeymoon in Paris two years ago this month. That’s why he takes these attacks rather personal.