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Shocker: Mass Police Misconduct Is A Myth

Cleveland has seen a huge reduction in complaints about police misconduct. The reason? Accusers now know that police officers are wearing body cameras.

Larry Jones, who is overseeing the body camera implementation for the city, told members of City Council’s Safety Committee that between January and September 30, the department’s Office of Professional Standards received 225 complaints against officers – down from 374 during the same period last year.

The cameras have been fully deployed to front-line officers in all the five districts since September. Since then there have been much fewer complaints about police misconduct. The main reason? Suspects are at their best behavior when they know officers are wearing body cameras. After all, they realize that they can’t make any accusations against them if everything is recorded.

Ironically, the police officers wearing the body cams have to tell suspects that they’re being recorded. The suspects can then demand they stop it, but a supervisor has to approve it. Even then the police officers are urged to record the suspect demanding they stop doing so.

Now we’ve dealt with this myth, can liberals finally join us in saying that blue lives matter?