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Obama Debuts on Facebook with Climate Change Scaremongering

Upon seeing the headline “President Barack Obama joins Facebook…,” one might be prompted to question whether this is news. After all, the president’s campaigns have been renowned for their cutting edge use of social media. However, the president himself has not had an account of his own until now.

His first official post was on the subject of climate change –you know, the most pressing issue of our time. In a video, he took viewers on a tour of the White House lawn:

“Not only do I want future presidents to be able to take walks like this,” Obama said in a video post on his profile. “I want to make sure that the American people are able to enjoy the incredible national parks, incredible beauty, the mountains, the oceans, that have been one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.”

The implication is that, unless we hand over more power to various levels of government, future presidents won’t be able to take walks and we won’t have mountains and oceans. That’s the claim seriously offered by a sitting president of the United States.