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Donald Trump Is a Man Without Principles

PJ Media’s own Bridget Johnson reports that Donald Trump is going after Ben Carson. Again. This time because the good doctor had some violent impulses in the past. According to Trump, that’s a sign that Carson won’t make a good president. Because, you know, we all know that every single person who ever served as president was an angel when in high school.



Here’s what The Donald had to say about Carson, who’s basically co-frontrunner right now:

“And I hope it all works out, because I don’t want to see Ben have problems over this stuff. And, you know, it’s a very strange situation. I guess a book was written — I don’t know where this all came from, but a book was written before he ran for politics. But he said he has pathological disease in the book. When you have pathological disease, that’s a very serious problem because that’s not something that’s cured. That’s something that you have to live with. And that’s a very serious thing to have to live with. I can say that I never tried to hit my mother in any way, shape or form.”

That’s just great, Donald. Hooray for the man who believes he’s God’s special gift to humanity. We owe you.

Or not.

This is typical Trump: he’s so desperate to become president that he’s willing to completely and utterly destroy every single one of his rivals. He’s doing a better job at that than Democrats will ever be able to do. After all, when a Democrat attacks a Republican voters know it’s nothing more or less than politics. When a fellow Republican does it, however, people think there might be something to it — even if there isn’t.

And no, there is nothing to it. Carson uses these stories to share the gospel: to witness about the tremendous impact his faith in Jesus has had on his life. They prove that although Jesus might be in heaven, He still performs miracles every single day; He’s still able to transform those who follow Him.

That’s the point Carson is trying to make. And, may I say, he does so quite well.

If Trump was even half the Christian he pretends to be (“Oh yeah, the Bible is great, it’s my favorite book! I always put the Bibles people send me in a very special place. Where? Oh, just. You know know. Uh. I wouldn’t do anything bad to them. No, no, I wouldn’t. My favorite verse, you ask? Uh, how about… umh. Well…”) he would understand that and praise Carson for it, not blast him.

But no, that’s not the man Trump is. If leftist hacks give him any fodder to use against other Republicans, he’s the first person to jump on it and use it. You see, Trump doesn’t care about the conservative movement or even about conservative principles; he cares only about… Trump.

This post has been edited to adequately reflect Trump’s quote.

Disclosure: while Michael van der Galien doesn’t support Ben Carson for president, he does greatly respect the doctor. Sadly, he can’t say the same about Donald Trump.