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Don’t Hate Me Because I Am a Drone

Americans have become more and more drone-adverse after hearing story after story about the malicious, illicit, or irresponsible use of flying drones.

The answers for dealing with these dangers range from vigilantes to new laws to adopting new security technologies.

Often missed in the debate is the happy side–considering the range of commercial and public service uses that we might not want to miss out on.

Utah is looking at the use of drones to aid in emergency and disaster response. Joe Dougherty, a spokesman from the Utah Department of Emergency Management, contends there is value in having “a chance to fly around and, combined with still photos, create a video for the emergency responders.”

A Utah company even started a kickstarter to build a search and rescue drone for the state’s disaster responders.

As more people come up with more uses for drones, they will become more common sights in the friendly skies—but hopefully not as secret killing machines like in a recent episode of the new TV series Blindspot.

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