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After Robbery, Indianapolis Restaurant Offers Discount to Gun Owners

“It won’t happen again.” So declared Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis. He referenced a recent armed robbery which resulted in the perpetrator escaping with a tip jar.

Bouvier is taking steps to deter such intrusion in the future, as reported by the local NBC affiliate WTHR:

At noon Monday, there was a steady stream of customers heading to Papa Roux, many with a license to carry that would earn them a 25-percent discount. There’s a sign on the door asking customers for patience as Papa Roux deals with a tremendous amount of media coverage since the story broke on Saturday.

“The word needs to get out,” said owner Art Bouvier, speaking about those people in line with a license to carry a handgun.

… “I had a guy in here Saturday night who illegally brought a gun in and wanted to do harm with it. It’s propaganda, right? The best mental push-back for that is for people to think, ‘Oh, there may be people in there who are legally carrying guns so maybe I should go somewhere else.’ And if everybody were to do that, there’s nowhere else to go,” Bouvier said.

Naturally, not everyone is on board with the idea.

gun grabberSimilar comments have popped up on the restaurant’s Facebook page. However, they seem to be more than balanced by enthusiastic patronage from gun owners and other supporters.